Essays on 19th Century

Muslim Reformers In 19th Century

The beginning of 19th century was a period of spiritual awakening and Islamic revivalism, giving birth to Muslim reformers who were not only concerned to advance teachings of Islam but also reconstruction of society in accordance with the Quran and the traditions of the Islamic prophet along with western teachings. It was a time when...
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Mental Illness – A Crime In The 19th Century

If the level of tension/stress that we bear in today’s times was carried by the people in the 19th century, they were considered lunatic.  With all the research, it seems like the authorities back then really made sure that the environment is calm and peaceful for everyone. Even though it meant they had to “arrest”...
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Paris In 19th Century: Economic Problems, Political Gain And Social Divide

Under Louis Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule, a radical resifting of Paris’ infrastructure into something unrecognizable would happen, all under the guise of modernization. The revolution that would transform France into the Second Empire would also transform its capital into a display of imperial pomp. Charged with the reconstruction of the street system, Baron Haussmann took as...
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