Essays on Contemporary History

Paris In 19th Century: Economic Problems, Political Gain And Social Divide

Under Louis Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule, a radical resifting of Paris’ infrastructure into something unrecognizable would happen, all under the guise of modernization. The revolution that would transform France into the Second Empire would also transform its capital into a display of imperial pomp. Charged with the reconstruction of the street system, Baron Haussmann took as...

Palestine and Israel Conflict: Analytical Essay

Introduction Palestine and Israel have been locked in conflict for years, since the end of the second world war there has been a bitter struggle fought that has developed into one of the most intractable conflicts seen today. The two sides have been struggling to find themselves a peaceful resolution and it is deemed likely...

The Silk Road: As The Most Impactful Trade Route

A man named Ron Pompei once said, “I wouldn’t call it a retail store. It’s a place where culture and commerce intersect. It’s more like the Silk Road-a sense of exploration mixed with the exchange of things and ideas.” He noted that the Silk Road was a place where there was a lot of cultural...
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The Silk Road: Silk And The Role It Played In Ancient China

Introduction One of Chinas most famous creations is silk, which was invented in the late stone age time (8000BC-2500BC). Silk played a huge role in ancient china as one of the most expensive pieces of clothing that everyone wanted because it represented wealth especially the brighter colours. Silk came from silkworms which are little caterpillars...
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Jack The Ripper: A Clear Motive Of Neutralization

Feigenbaum’s ability to lead his normal life alongside his murderous tendencies is a clear motive of Neutralization. Neutralization is the theory that killers will often go onto murderous highs to satiate their psychotic needs, before returning to a calm low state where they may conduct their proper life without suspicion (Matza, 1964). If Carl Feigenbaum...
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Stress Film Reaction: Portrait Of A Killer

Film Reaction The film depicts an exclusive Jack the Ripper brutally butchering women in London East End slums (Whitechapel). The film shows a sadistic butchery. This implies that the mind of the killer was sociopathic in nature. The firm indicates several instances in which ‘Jack the Ripper mutilated, assaulted, humiliated, and fully demonstrates a full...
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Mother Teresa: A Source Of Love And Compassion

Every day we all do a nice thing. Even with us not even noticing. It can be sharing a hug or a handshake or listening to someone while they are talking. Being compassionate is about wanting to alleviate another person’s distress whereas love is different. Loving someone does not need to be constant but it...
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The Greatest Humanitarians Of The 20th Century

One of the aspects of today’s society is human nature which has and continues to be present, is the highly debated issue of the search for the meaning and purpose of life in humanity. This search for a meaningful life is common across various cultures and religions and holds a significant place in people’s decision-making....
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Do To Others As You Would Have Them Do To You

Now let’s be honest, we all or at least most of us have enemies, as we all cross paths with people who will end up not liking us or could even hate us in extreme cases. As the gospel passage tells us to love our enemies, cause we should treat others the way you want...
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