Essays on Apartheid

Work Place Regime During Apartheid

During the workplace regime of apartheid in 1948-1994 it caused major exclusion on the less “superior” races including Indians, coloured and especially black people and this exclusion affect they daily lives, their futures, their educations and what they were allowed to do and go. This exclusion from over 20 years ago still impacts their lives...
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Book Review: Life During Apartheid

Trevor Noah is a well-known comedian from South Africa, he shares his story chronologically from his traumatic childhood. As Noah goes into detail from his childhood struggle in the New York Times Bestseller, “Born a Crime,” he goes into depth from the period of apartheid in South Africa. Noah was born into apartheid, which is...
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The Unseen Benefits Of Apartheid Kosar Aziz

Imagine living in a society where the color of your skin determines the quality of your life; whether the quality of life is determined by the education you receive, the money you are paid, or the social class you are classified by. This was a harsh reality for the colored people of South Africa in...
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