A Successful Entrepreneur In 21 Century: David Karp

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A successful entrepreneur in 21 century.

According to Nicole 2020, an entrepreneur which a person who create a business to generate a profit. They are the one who solving a lot of problems who help the people have an easier life by creating an innovative product. According to Ronin 2014, there are quite a lot of entrepreneur such as:

  1. Jan Cameron – Kathmandu clothing company.
  2. Travis Kalanick – Scour Inc and Red Swoosh
  3. Elon Musk – SpaceX, PayPal, Tesla Motors & Zip2

There are more entrepreneur that is successful. David Karp is one of the best examples for most of the people to learn about him.

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About David Karp

According to Alison (n.d.), on 6 July 1986 a genius was born in Manhattan, New York City, he called David Karp. An American web developer and also an entrepreneur that creates Tumblr with the tagline of “Blogging made easy”. At the first stage, he is looking a website for blogging to make something’s but there is none so he works with Macro Arment. According to Deana 2019, 1st February of 2007 Tumblr was created.

The Tumblr logo in 2007

David Karp is the founder and CEO of Tumblr Company, he created Tumblr with a smaller scale. According to Liz 2011, he earns $40,000,000, hosts more than 17,500,000 blogs and 1,500,000,000 page view in a minimum time period while he is busy with his midterm in 2007. According to Deana 2019, in 2009, the dashboard has been added because of the evolution of Tumblr. Tumblr is one of the webpages to attract the user post and share things online whenever they want such as photos, videos, audio clips, quotes and more. In several months, the company have more than 50 million views in a month and also everyday Tumblr got more than 5000 new users. According to Deana 2019, In November 2015, Tumblr had more than 261,000,000 blogs and 123,000,000,000 posts.

Tumblr banned adult content in 2018

The latest news from Tumblr was in December 2018 shows that Tumblr had banned adult content to helps people under age avoid to watch. According to Kaila 2018, because of the changes on removed the sexual content and nudity will decrease the usage of the users but today, Tumblr is still working on it and upgrading their system for their users to have better experience.

David Karp’s successful story

According to David Karp Success Story (n.d.), David Karp always been called a regular New York city-bred kid. Michael Karp and Babara Ackerman is David Karp parents. Babara Ackerman is a teacher who dealing with the student in the Colhoun school which the David Karp study places. When he was in 8 grade, he had design his own websites for money but because of the time usage of designing webpages, this made him drop out from the school to save the time usage.

David Karp Family

According to David Karp Success Story (n.d.), when David Karp was 14 years old, he started intern in a various software company few years, he had become the head of ‘Urban Baby’. Moreover, he find a new friend which called Macro Arment, an engineer. Both of them form Tumblr together for a few months, after that Davidville join them as they think that Tumblr is one of the platform that the people around the world who need it. Just around 2 weeks, there are more than 75,000 users who had already registered Tumblr as a user.

According to David Karp Success Story (n.d.), the coolest blogging platform which is Tumblr agree by most of the bloggers around the world. The man who created Tumblr – David Karp, when he was 20 years old, most of the teenagers struggle on teenage issues, but David Karp was not. He sold Tumblr to Yahoo Company more than $1,100,000,000 and the position of CEO in the company are still David Karp. According to David Karp Success Story (n.d.), when the Tumblr had been created, over 225,000,000 users use this blogging website at his very young age. At the moment, David Karp had become “Best young tech entrepreneur” because he was one of the most successful entrepreneur of the world.

The reason of David Karp’s success

According to Tom 2012, as we all know the Tumblr which is the best platform to post & share their life, because in 2006 before he creates Tumblr, he found out that he want to have his own blog but he was not a writer and there is no platform for him to write. He try to find several blogging services such as WordPress and Movable Type but does not have a very good result because of the text box does not function well.

According to Tom 2012, because of the functioning he decided to create a platform that could share text, photo, link, audio, video and more which the user could share the interesting sites from Youtube, Flickr and more. When Davidville and Marco Arment which is built business websites and a programmer who work with David Karp to create Tumblr. Tumblr users were create more than 10,000 posts each hour at the stage. But the site cost is around $5,000 a month to proceed. According to Tom 2012, David Karp speak to numerous investor and venture capitalists and had sold 25% of the Tumblr Company to Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures. Betaworks and Vimeo for $750,000 and also the fledgling company at $3,000,000. Because of this he realised that he had created a network of cool blogs. After that, a lot of users and company exciting with Tumblr because of the function of the blogs. Tumblr continued to raise money, they are a total of $9,500,000 from the investor as he had hit 7,000,000 blog in January 2010. After that there is new investor wanted to invest Tumblr, it helps David Karp earn again $30,000,000 from Sequoia Capital which has subsidised Apple, Google, Youtube, Yahoo and more.

According to Tom 2012, David Karp feel down because the Tumblr Company need more employees to work and he lack of money to hiring more employees. He speak to Mark Zuckerberg that what his has faced, but Mark Zuckerberg replied him that don’t give up on being clever. A few years later, because of not giving up he raised $85,000,000 for Tumblr Company.

According to Jason 2013, David Karp has success in its industry it tells the people several ideas that we could learn such as:

1. Do not try to do everything on your own.

As an entrepreneur there is a lot of start-up problem need to be faced, a loy of task could not be manage by ourselves. From business scaling to product development is too much to handle alone. According to Jason 2013, David Karp focus on product development and he also hired a president to handle the business operation for the Tumblr team to works smoothly. At the moment, David also should learn to be as a leader to overseeing more people and separates duties.

2. The importance of Idea Editor

According to Jason 2013, as an entrepreneur who have a lot of big idea but we should need someone they can trust to help you. As David karp had hired Arment helping in coding and some back-end duties also David Karp always used Arment as a sounding board. An idea editor who will help the creator to come in with a grand new feature idea, and also telling him the creator that the parts are impossible although is tricky or some implementation details to give the website more neat and niceties.

3. Lead a team

According to Jason 2013, smart and passionate people to be hired to help up and working on the start-up idea could increase the chances of success. David Karp had apply the concept to its employees and expect their members to share their enthusiasm to work hard although seemingly impossible demands. Lastly, because of David Karp keep pushing them all the way in doing task, after they done their task they realised that an impossible job had been done.

The inspiration from David Karp (Why I choose him?)

A genius and legendary of the founder of Tumblr – David Karp, he inspiring me a lot. There is several values that boost me to choose him as an entrepreneur benchmarking.

1. Creativity

Everyone has their own creativity which an ideas that adding more values. Creativity had transcend the traditional ideas, patterns, rules and more which form unique ideas. A lot of exercise should be done for generating more ideas and concepts to solve problems and make a positive difference and unique selling point. Creativity helps to associate between existing ideas and concepts. According to Gresham 2014, David Karp using his own creativity to solve his problem which he was looking a platform to express what he would like to share but it is none at the moment. He create with more features to let the people around the world to use it for sharing their photos, texts, video and more. Because of his creativity Tumblr has become one of the coolest blog that had been agree by most of the Blogger.

2. Passion

A purpose always come with passion. When we have a things need to be generate passion is a must to bring us to be success. Passionate people always productivity because they looking to a things and try to love the things. They enjoy the every moment because a lot of benefits come true when he is passion such as great teammates come forward to the passionate people and being motivated. According to Gresham 2014, David Karp is passionate about his works towards success. He found out that the quality of computer science education was disappointed and he realised that he can learn from the expert. Most of the people, at the stage already give up but David Karp was not.

3. Education

We knows that values is very important towards our life, education values also the same and it was the greatest values should be learn. The activities that provided from educational point of view are considered as the educational values. Education values giving an opportunity to guide people towards what we should behave as. According to Gresham 2014, David Karp learn from the experts for more knowledge and exercise more. Beside than computer science education, he also moved to Japan to improve his language skills and intern as an animator.


In conclusion, I would say that the founder of Tumblr – David Karp is a genius that we should taught from him especially the people who wants to create their own website or creates their business. By launching a popular blogging platform, a lot of start-up task should not be ignore there are a lot of ways to be learn from David Karp such as find a trusted idea editor and lead a team. Numerous values shuld be implemented together especially the educational, creativity and also the passion values that brings us to move towards success. A quote that speak out from David Karp as below:

Quotes by David Karp

It tells me that everyone can be entrepreneur is just that the things that we want to create and the vision must be clear, nothings is impossible, just create it if we really have the idea but make sure everything is clear.


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