Abortion As A Fundamental Right Every Woman In The United States Should Have

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Women have been the pioneers in building nations, we have ruled countries, and many have fought and died for their countries unnoticed. Women have struggled for many years because of strict expectations that were placed on them. We didn’t have the same rights as men like the right to vote until 1920 in America, the women suffragettes who fought back and protested for the right to vote were beaten and tortured because of this, but in the end, determination prevailed. Women now in the modern era are calling back the women movements to attain a right that shouldn’t even be questioned, Abortion. It was in 1992 thousands of women gathered in Washington D.C in fear, protest, and worry that the conservative Supreme Court would endorse the Pennsylvanian law that restricted abortion and they would overturn the landmark decision of Roe v. Wade. In this era, abortion has become a very sensitive and debated topic and has split people into pro-life and pro-choice. The claims of pro-life advocates are false and misleading. Abortion isn’t about killing “babies” abortion is about individual freedom, life opportunities for women and girls, and protecting women from heinous sexual crime.

When we deny women the right to choose for their body you are denying a fundamental right to choose. Reproductive rights empower women by giving them control of their bodies. A legal analyst stated that Roe v. Wade ‘a landmark of what is, in the truest sense, women’s liberation’. Women have rallied around abortion because this is a woman right. Government or religious authority shouldn’t have a say so in our bodies. Many factors go into delivering the baby and it is up to the women to make this decision. Studies have shown that the United States has the worst maternal mortality rate in the developed world. About half of all maternal deaths in the USA are preventable (Agrawal 135). What does this say about our government? This sends a clear message and that is that the government that was established for the common welfare of the people turns a blind eye to these statistics.That our government doesn’t want to address the steady rise of maternal mortality rates but instead focus on abortion and trying to restrict access to it. Instead of rallying around the false statements that aren’t backed by science our government should fully fund our hospitals for maternal emergencies because many hospitals aren’t equipped for this and are leaving many women in graves and this could have a lasting effect on the United States.

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CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) did a study from 2007 to 2017 among teenage girls between 15-19 and in different ethnicities and the pregnancy rate along the time. The study shows that teen birth rates have significantly declined from 2014- 2015. This is good news, but the United States teen pregnancy is higher than most western industrialized nations. It is proven that when teens get pregnant it brings social and economic cost to the teen, children, and the community which includes low education a low-income level and health problems like depression. Statistics show that only 50% of teen mothers receive high school diploma by the age of 22 while 90% of teen girls who don’t get pregnant receive a diploma. Factors in teen pregnancy are based on many social determinants like where the teen lives and the schools in the community. Teenagers who live in overcrowded areas with poor public infrastructure and high levels of violence are at a greater risk of experiencing severe outcomes such as unintended pregnancies (Danawi 29). When teens are not allowed to get an abortion and are forced to bear the child this could always be a burden on them but if our government allows them to get an abortion, we can allow these teens to turn their life around get a better education and a better life in the future, so they won’t have to rely on welfare funding to support themselves in the future. When we allow women to have access to abortion, we give them opportunities and a chance to get their life back on track.

In addition, One out of every six women has been the victim of attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Being raped or sexually assaulted can be a very traumatic experience and can scar people for life and for some, a child could be part of the package. Rape victims are supposed to be one of the people who is entitled to abortion, but many prominent Republicans don’t think so. Recently a bill in Iowa is allowing women who have been the victim of rape only 45 days to terminate the pregnancy. If you do the math this is hardly enough time to even find out if you are pregnant. This bill isn’t about protecting women and teens but forcing them to carry out the pregnancy. Two out of every three sexual assault victims don’t even report abuses, or rapes and many political leaders know this and are taking advantage of that. Women hesitancy comes from the fact that women are forced to prove that they’ve been raped or abused is mind baffling. Despite abortion’s legality in the United States, many states pass restrictions yearly that limit low-income women’s access to abortion, forcing these women to take extreme measures to receive necessary medical procedures (McGee 77). This holds true in the bill in Iowa where it is so restrictive it makes it nearly impossible for rape victims to get an abortion, but this isn’t only in Iowa it is in many other states in the United States whose legislative branch impose restrictions on abortion. These laws need to be changed because they don’t comply with Roe v. Wade and women who’ve been victims of sexual crimes need help, not restrictions.

This controversy on abortion has gone on for too long. This is a fundamental right every woman in the United States should have. The government attempt to restrict our access to abortion is unconstitutional. These restrictions put many women lives in danger since many insurances like Medicare don’t cover the cost of an abortion and can cause many women to seek less expensive methods that can cost them their lives. This issue is not only an issue in the United States but around the world where many women are also in the same position. Our government needs to understand that abortion is about opportunities in life for many women and teenage girls who are unintendedly pregnant and about protection for women who have fallen victim to sexual crimes who shouldn’t carry a physical reminder for nine months. Our government that was established to provide for the general public one of the basic goals in government needs to abide by this goal.

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