Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shopping Online

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Are you for or against shopping online? If you are confused it’s okay, don’t worry stay awake and read this essay it will be very helpful for you. Shopping online it is an old method that is commonly used for shopping; therefore, a large number of people using this method of shopping. But have you ever thought about the advantages and disadvantages of this method, if yes that’s great if no today we will think about that together?

On one hand, we have so many advantages for shopping online, here we have the most powerful three advantages. First, we have more options, in shopping online we have so many options sites, products and sellers. So we can choose what products we want and we can choose the seller. Second, better price, we can always get our products cheaper by choosing the region where the products come from, China, United State of France. And by choosing the way of shipping, as we all know sometimes when you want something you may lose something else, but it’s not a must here that’s a great thing. We don’t want to forget that online there are so many sales and the biggest sale happened on Black Friday, you are to try this feeling that you can buy something that has a high price at a very low price. Third, that’s something very important, that we don’t have to wait untill we buy what we want, there are no crowds. So we can save time by shopping online.

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On the other hand, we have some disadvantages for shopping online such as: shipping delay, sometimes it takes months and that’s too bad. But it depends on the site you buy from, the method of shipping, and the region you buy from. Other reason is the quality no one can guarantee that the quality of the product you bought is good. Maybe you can read the feedback from the consumers that they have already bought this product and used it. So you have to be careful about what you want to by and about the quality because the last disadvantages that we will talk about it today is that it’s hard to return the product it’s very complicated and it takes a lot of time to return the product and your money. So stay safe choose your products wisely.

To sum up, as we said before that we have advantages such as: no crowd so we will save time, cheaper and more options. But we have disadvantages like: delay in shipping, the quality can be guaranteed and the method of returning the product is very complicated. In my opinion, you can buy online it’s better and easier but you have to be aware from the quality and the seller. The most important thing is to read the feedback carefully it will lead you and sometimes you have to take the risk.   


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