Online Shopping: Increasing Of Popularity During The Lockdown

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The eruption of the pandemic, Covid-19 has caused immense changes in the lifestyles of people all over the world. All the phases of life suddenly changed due to social distance which forced the whole world into a lockdown that restricted everyone in their homes, making working from home, online education, and activities to remain indoor.

The economy was drastically affected by the pandemic as all the inessential businesses were closed down. The marketing sector started suffering a downfall because of the shut-down of all the retail outlets and shops except the pharmacies and essentials household items. But that was, too, not without risk to the health of the public so businesses had to switch to an alternative option so they could escape from the loss and e-commerce started to boom. For instance, introduced a wide variety of sports clothing online.

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Online shopping was becoming trendy amongst the people even before lockdown but as the lockdown was imposed brick market was unable to operate so e-commerce got hold of most of the marketing statistics because the businesses started to operate online and consumers had no other choice but to buy from the online stores. Even the people who never bought anything online were forced to try it.

Online shopping trends during a lockdown

At the beginning of lockdown, there was an increased demand for the sanitary and medical products to cope with Covid-19 so the shopping mainly consisted of these items along with groceries but with the passage of time, the consumers started to rely on the online system completely for the purchase of things that they required from clothing to all sorts of items like stationery, electronic gadgets, books, etc. So the trend started to rise and e-commerce started to boom. Stores like Amazon and Flipkart faced the never-ending demand from the online customers and retail businesses shifted their sellings online.


Numerous reasons accumulated in the boom. The use of technology and mobile phones made their demands just a click away so they could order from their homes.

  • Businesses are forced to deliver their products online to meet their marketing targets.
  • The adverse effects of the pandemic were upsetting so ‘ retail therapy’ as a coping strategy for many customers.
  • Easy payment methods through banks, credit card, and cash on delivery also made online shopping easy.
  • Reviews from customers are helpful for other customers to rely on the products bought online.
  • Marketing strategies of business like discount vouchers, coupons, giveaways to attract more customers.
  • Problems along with the boom of online shopping

Boom during the lockdown is a positive step in the economy but there are problems for the customers as well as the organizations due to increased demand and limited supply of products making deliveries late or getting out of stock. Grown hype of online shopping has also let the scams and frauds occur to the customers so they do not trust it.


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