Alexander Hamilton And His Role In The History

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I will go to Alexander Hamilton later but it helps to know a bit about the revolutionary war first. Revolutionary war started in 1775 and ended in 1783 and was over taxes and taxation without representation but mainly independence from Great Britain. It stared at Lexington and concord and ended at Yorktown with major battles including Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Trenton, Kings Mountain. With many battles and heavy casualties, we had won to create the United States of America.

You might have heard of George Washington, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, but do you know about Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis he was born through 1755-1757 and died July 12, 1804 from a shot from Aaron burr. He was an extraordinary man he was the founding father without a father, the only one never to have a slave, the forgotten founding father, an artillery captain and personal assistant to George Washington. His wife was Elizabeth Schuyler he also had 8 kids named Philip, Eliza, Angelica, James, John, William, Alexander Jr., and Philip Hamilton(2). His most important achievement is probably laying the foundation for the Treasury. He also founded the coastguard.

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Life as a minuteman

I just woke up Paul revere just came to my door and told me that the lobsterbacks are coming, captain John Parker, said grab all the ammo you can and your gun to protect men from the sons of liberty. All I have is an old dirty musket and 1 musket ball. I’m running on the field I can see lobsterbacks they have red coats, white pants, and black hats. I need to wait to fire because I only have one ball. Immediately they fire and I fire back then I retreat.

I believe that without Alexander Hamilton we would still be a colonie of Great Britain, I believe this because he paved the path to the treasury and founded the revenue cutter service aka the US coast guard.

He paved the path to to the treasury because he made countless things for it like bonds ,taxes, and trading. Also, he made sure we would pay of are debt from the revolutionary war.

It’s so important that he founded the coast guard because even if we won the war we have a navy but what about a navy that guards.

As you can see we would part of great Britain without him.


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