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We are campaigning for Alexander Hamilton and Hamilton is a Federalist. Hamilton was an ambitious person with a brilliant mind. In the Revolutionary War, Washington spotted his talents and made his his personal assistant. Hamilton was also a delegate for New York in the Constitutional Convention. Hamilton became a Federalist because of his views on people and the nation. He wanted a strong economy, a strong national government, and a loose interpretation of the Constitution. He also believed that all people were selfish. He became a Federalist because of these views.Hamilton is most likely trying to reach the rich and wealthy landowners. He is trying to reach the agricultural sector of the United States in the 1800s. Hamilton had a lot of political power, and therefore, people in positions of power supported him. Many supporters of Hamilton also lived in the northeast. Hamilton’s most likely voters are rich and wealthy landowners because they agree with Hamilton’s ways of improving the nation and his views on how the government should be run.Hamilton’s main slogan is Let’s Get Down to Business. This slogan is important becauseOur slogan targets

It means that Hamilton will prepare America’s future following a model that requires business and industrial development for the economy. Hamilton wanted to industrializing the nation with manufacturing, business and trade. This would help improve the nation’s wealth as well, and is highly beneficial. Our slogan is Hamilton’s goal, as well as what he wants for the nation. By establishing an industrialistic system, the nation would be able to gain financial independence.This implies that Hamilton wants to promote business, manufacture, and trade.

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The likely voter for Hamilton are industrialists, merchants, bankers and wealthy farmers. They are mostly rich and educated. These people are the most likely voters because they would want the government to give them financial aid for their businesses, and they would want to become wealthier through the industrialization of the nation. They are also people that agree with Hamilton’s ideals.

Our slogan informs voters that Hamilton is planning on expanding the economy using an industrial model and improving businesses. It helps simplifies what Hamilton will do as president since day one: expand the economy. This will effectively reach the voters because our slogan has a clear goal and our promises involve things that our voters would like(wealth, business, trade).

Jefferson’s policies favor the farmer and the average person while our slogan would attract business owners and wealthy individuals. It’d be wrong for him to use this slogan since he prefers an agrarian economy and he despises an industrial economy. Agrarian economies prefer agricultural methods to make money, while an industrial economy prefers businesses and industrialization. This is important because of the differing ideals. Overall, our slogan is against Jefferson’s beliefs and goals for the nation’s economy.

The biggest challenge as far as winning voters is winning the minds of 85% of the country which are farmers. They need to be convinced on why having an industrial economy is preferable to an agrarian economy. Additionally, Jefferson had many passionately loyal supporters, and his ideals were advantageous for farmers and planters. Overall, Hamilton’s biggest challenges are the strengths of the opposing side and the agriculture-based economy.

Our candidate’s biggest strength is that Hamilton supports an industrial economy and this will attract industrialists, businessmen and merchants to support his election to president. Additionally, he has many shared beliefs with industrialists, businessmen, and merchants. This is beneficial because more wealthy businessmen would want to vote for him. It would help improve the financial wealth of many people. 


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