Essays on American Culture

The American Dream As A Manifest Of American Cultural Values

No matter what someone’s ethnicity, language they speak or what colour their skin is, and even their life experiences, everyone that comes to the land of America can understand the idea of the American Dream. The concept of the American Dream is very common to many people in America: freedom and equality to all people,...
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Features That Define The American Nation

Just as Jimmy Carter said, American society is a melting pot of people, nationalities, beliefs. However, there is something that unites them all. Some would say freedom, some – democracy. I have not answered for myself, but after the research and assessment, I can make several conclusions about American culture and America itself. Unlike the...
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The Impact Of American Culture On Culture

Some believe that Britain is the 51st state. That claim can be considered logical from a cultural perspective. The global spread of American culture contributed by America’s dominance and rooted by ideas of exceptionalism has had an effect on the whole world, particularly the UK. America’s soft power-culture, political values, and foreign policies- has had...
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The Popularity Of Japanese Animation Or Anime In America

Japanese animation or anime is as popular as it’s ever been in the United State. Even though America televisions edits most of the shows because of kids watching anime still have a huge impact in America culture throughout the years. Japanese animators were also inspired by Disney and use that to develop their own form...
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