Essays on Autism

Social Cues In Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a term used to describe a group of deficits such as a lack of social communication and repetitive sensory-motor behaviours, it is associated with a strong genetic component as well as other causes, these deficits are said to appear early on in an individual’s life and ASD shows itself in...
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Connections Between Vaccines And Autism

Through many years of perplexing research, scientists have developed a life-changing creation: vaccines. It allowed humans to overcome deadly diseases such as smallpox, polio disease, whooping cough, and many others. This creation revolutionized the development of global health and extended the average lifespan. In some cases, vaccines may cause fevers or headaches, but in a...
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Autism Lifespan Impact

Background Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that usually begins early on in development. It can affect individuals at varying degrees along the spectrum. It is one of the most common disorders, and about 1 in 59 children in the United States are affected by it (Salk Institute, 2019). In addition, more boys...
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Autism: A Case Study Focusing On An Aspect Of Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

The area of Additional Learning needs that I will discuss in this case study is Autism. Autism is a complex life-long, neurological developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world, and their ability to interact with others (National Autism Society; 2018). Autism is a spectrum disorder (Carter, 2013) characterised by a triad of core...
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Connection Between Air Pollution And Autism Spectrum Disorder

In order to investigate the link between air pollution and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), we must first understand what exactly air pollution and autism are. Air pollution is the term used to describe the mixture of particles and gases in our air that have poisonous or toxic effects on both animals and the environment, including...
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Autism: Intense World Theory, High-intelligence Imbalance Hypothesis, Social Motivation Hypothesis, And Interconnectivity Theory

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by the individual’s struggle with social skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, and repetitive actions. With the onset occurring before the age of three, the disorder still remains a great mystery for modern science. Specifically, the troubling dichotomy between an autistic’s remarkable abilities and their curious incapacities. Through understanding the...
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Autism: Problems And Challenges

Approximately 1 in 66 children and youth are diagnosed with autism in Canada, which is also known as ASD. Autism is a range of conditions that challenge individuals with social skills, repetitive behaviors, and speech and nonverbal communication. Autism was first recognized in 1942 by Dr. Leo Kanner at Johns Hopkins Hospital, but there are...
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Autism: Ailment, Associated Treatments, And Rehabilitation

The subject matter chosen for this paper is Autism. This paper is going to define the ailment, associated treatments, and rehabilitation. According to the National Autistic Society (NAS, 2018.1), Autism is a ‘lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them’....
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Autism: Literature Review And Future Studies

Autism is known to be one of the main leading risk factors that causes psychological problems such as stress and depress among parents (Grace et al., (2018). The aim behind this study was to explore the challenges of parents and caregivers looking after their autistic children. According to Lindsey and Barry, (2018). Autism is a...
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