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Tesco’s is a company that has been in business since they opened in 1924, where they first specialized in food and drink but in later years it has diversified into other areas such as household products, clothing, insurance (e.g. travel insurance and pet insurance), electronics, music downloads and renting DVDs and CDs.

They are predominately based in the UK with around 86% of all the sales being generated in the UK. They also operate in 12 different countries other than the UK; the countries that they operate in include china, japan, and turkey. They have recently opened new stores in the United States. With all of the countries that Tesco has more than 440,000 employees across there are over 6,800 shops.

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In the UK Tesco stores are dived into different formats, it is based on the different sizes of the store and the type of products they sell, these are Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstore, Tesco Metro, Tesco Express, One-stop, and Tesco Homeplus.

Define and explain workforce planning –

Workforce planning is vital for a business as it means that a business can meet its future demands for staff, it also allows a business time to train existing staff to take on new responsibilities and to recruit new staff to fill vacancies or to meet skill shortages.

This is the need for a business to match the skills, knowledge, and number of employees to their current needs and the needs for the future of the business. A business can work out these needs by reviewing the number of employees they currently have and what skills these employees have also what they think will happen in the future and the number of employees that need in the future. In a large organization (more than 250 employees) the type of skills needed depends on the industry that they are working in.

There are many reasons why businesses would need to recruit new staff one of these reasons is that existing employee’s leave, which is also called staff turnover. Every company has to deal with staff turnover as the UK average of staff turnover is 15% leaving much staff needing to be replaced.

Internal promotion is another reason why a business would need to recruit new staff is that if a staff member is promoted internally then it is likely that the firm will need to recruit a new staff member to fill in the position that the member of staff that was promoted from the replacement is likely to be done externally.

Another reason that a company would need to recruited new staff members is if the company is expanding as is new offices or branches opening will result in a there being a lot of position for the company to fill as there would be a whole new office or branch that needs employees in.

One other reason why a company would need to recruit is that job roles are changing which is often due to advances in technology so how jobs are done changes and the staff that is needed changes. Similar to this is that Systems are changing, new systems in organizations often lead to the need for recruitment.

An additional reason that a business would need to recruit new staff is for Seasonal functions, which is where a company hires staff for the holiday season, many staff is only required at certain times of the year such as postal staff at Christmas staff or holiday parks in the summer. This is as different businesses are busier at these times so they need more staff to deal with the demand that they have and they do not need as many staff at other times in the year.

Relocating and not all staff want to move to a new location

Tesco advertises different jobs in different ways, this process varies depending on the job that is available. 

Internal advertising is 

External adverting is 

They use both internal advertising and external advertising as they will seek the most cost-effective way of attracting the right applicants, this means that they will only use some methods when it is necessary to ensure the right type of people get to learn about the vacancies. Some of the more expensive ways include television and radio adverting and in some magazines.

When it comes to internal recruitment Tesco first looks at its internal Talent Plan to fill a vacancy, in this process, they list the current employees who are looking for a move, this can either be for a promotion or for a job at the same level. If there are no suitable people in this Talent Plan or developing on the internal management development program Tesco advertises the post internally on its intranet for two weeks.

For external recruitment, Tesco advertises vacancies on the Tesco website or on a vacancy board in stores. For managerial positions applications are made online, then the chosen applicants have an interview followed by attendance at an assessment center for the final stage of the selection process.

They also employ people who are interested in store-based jobs by registering through Jobcentre Plus. The store then prepares a waiting list of people applying in this way and calls them in as jobs become available. They also advertise externally for harder-to-fill or more specialist jobs, (such as bakers and pharmacists) this can either be through its website and offline media, through television and radio, or by placing advertisements on Google or in magazines (such as The Appointment Journal).

Tesco tries to make it easy for potential employees to find out about available jobs and has a simple application process. By accessing the Tesco website, an applicant can find out about local jobs, management posts, and head office positions. The website has an online application form for people to submit directly.

Online or traditional methods of recruitment

Explain whether or not, and how they are used in your business

The job advertisement is used for advertising for a vacancy in a company. For job advertising, there are two types of advertising internal and external. Internal adverting is the simpler one of the two because it only has to get shown to employees who are currently working at the company, this can simply be placed on the company noticeboard, company magazine, and mass company email or in a staff meeting. This means that all members of staff can decide whether they want to apply to the job, which would commonly include an increase in pay or responsibility. This means that they can ask to talk to the potential candidate’s current manager or what they are currently like in their current job.

Then external advertising is more complicated for the employees as it can be done in many different ways. Some organisation use newspapers, radio, posters in the window, or some companies keep an up-to-date list of potential people to email when there is a new job, they can also use online adverting through either their company website or a job advertisement website.


Job analysis is one of the documents that is needed for recruitment. When an advertisement is a place the potential participants will want to know about the job when the advertisement has been placing, so a job description needs to be written. Before this descried is written, they usually analyze the job to review the type of person that they need to perform the role effectively. This consists of the tasks, including difficulty and impact of errors, and the attributes that they need to complete the job role well.


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