Essays on Five Pillars of Islam

Revealing Of The Five Pillars In Islam

The house of Islamic practice stands on the five pillars in the words of Prophet Muhammad. The first pillar, Shahadah, is to utter the creed of Islam and in this action decare the belief in the onesness of God and on Muhammad as His final prophet. The second pillar, Salat, is the daily prescribed prayers...
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Analysis Of The Five Pillars As A Guide For Muslims

Submission to the will of Allah is unquestionably central to the life of a practising adherent whether they are Shiite or Sunni. Through the Articles of Faith and the Five Pillars, Muslims are guided on righteous practices, however, through the practice of Hajj and the writings of Sayyid Qutb an adherent is able to practice...
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The Necessity Of Knowledge About Five Pillars

Islam, the submission to the will of God, requires on all its followers to dedicate their lives to the desires and the directives of God. The five pillars of Islam are the foundation on which Muslims build their relationship with God. Although some of the pillars need to be performed every day; once a year,...
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