Essays on Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad As One Of The Most Remarkable Icons In Islam

The prophet Muhammad is one of the most remarkable icons in Islam and is predominately looked up to as what Muslims should aim to model towards to become good Muslims. Muhammad is a primary example of someone who submits themselves to Allah. Muhammad was the last prophet in Islam, there has been no one greater...
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Christianity And Islam: Jesus’s And Muhammad’s Life Paths

This essay will showcase three significant differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity. Christianity and Islam are the most popular religions today. they are both Abrahamic religions, both religions originate from the Middle East, so in a lot of ways these religions are very similar but at the same time they have differences. For example...
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The Lifetime Of The Prophet Muhammad And Al-qur’ān As The Book Of Guidance

Al-Qur’ān is the Book of Guidance that covers all aspects of human life such as economy, politics, sciences, ethics and many more. While Sunnah is everything that has been related from the Messenger. Generally, Sunnah gives an explanation on certain verses of Al-Qur’ān that are unclear. Therefore, Al-Qur’ān and Sunnah cannot be separated because it...
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