Impact of Workplace Diversity: Analytical Essay

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Diversity is common in all aspects as Canada is the land of immigrants. The impact of diversity at the workplace is invaluable when considering creativity, innovation, communication, and problem-solving. Diversity at the workplace is a sign of strength. However, numerous individuals still face challenges at the workplace due to their race and distinct background. Wide ranges of age can provide different skills and talent which leads to a successful business. Workplace diversity creates positive impacts if managed properly by increasing productivity, increasing profits, increasing creativity, etc. Cultural diversity at the workplace can have numerous negative effects including miscommunication, language barrier, and adaptation which can be converted to strength with group effort and support.

How workplace diversity affect factors like age, gender, religion, etc.?

By including people of various ages, different cultural backgrounds, both genders, and different races can lead to a successful business. People of diverse age are rich with experience, maturity, and cheerfulness. A diverse workforce can bring different skills, insights, experiences, and creativity. ”A study performed by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) which included 1700 different companies across 8 different countries, with varying industries and company sizes, has found that diversity has produced 19% more revenue. They have found that increasing diversity has a direct effect on the bottom line”.

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Racism is faced by employees in the workplace around the globe. Racism can be defined as preferences based on color or race. Racial and ethnic diversity at the workplace can lead to discrimination and violence. Unknowingly, racism while hiring employees can fail to recognize the benefits of having a racial and ethnic diverse workforce. The company should introduce a structured approach and policies to resolve issues arising from racism at work.

Diversity management

Diversity management helps to maintain a positive workflow where differences in individuals are considered and valued. Diversity management becomes crucial to manage cross-cultural and individual differences in an increasingly diverse demographic workforce. Different strategies have been introduced to address racism and cultural differences in organizational settings. Dismantling racism is one of the successful strategies used for diversity management. The dismantling racism strategy addresses at three levels. First level is the individual level which considers employee attitude, belief, and behavior. The second level is the intra-organizational level which considers organizational structure, climate, the relationship between staff. The third level is the extra-organizational level which considers external factors such as social media, economic and political.

Negatives of Diversity in the workplace

Poor communication

A diverse workplace has people from different culture and backgrounds so certainly their ways of communicating and languages also will be different which will result in less effective communication, sometimes even they may fail to convey their message to others which can lead to misunderstanding and confusion between employees and that can affect productivity.

Difficulty adapting in changes

If an organization that has a diverse workplace brings any changes in privacy and policies, then it would be difficult for some employees to adopt them. For instance, if a company planning to go automotive or planning to change in technology then it would be a good thing for young employees as they know the technology but it is difficult for some old employees to work with that technology as they are not aware of it.

Positives of Diversity in the workplace

Better decision making and faster problem solving

Having employees who are having different knowledge and education will be the most important role for a company to get success. If a company has this kind of employees there were able to do any task very easily because they will have employees who have different skills, experience, strategies and many more. It will also help them to decide which strategies will work better for them and they will be able to do it very fast. While doing any task their might be some problem and that problems may be different and in a different department so having employees who know various departments can solve those problems very easily. These companies will have more chances to get better profit than other companies because having workers who are having diverse education, knowledge, skills, and strategies can help them to fight with their competitors.

The reputation of the company gets better

When a company has employees who are diverse in their work can make their reputation very well among the other companies. Having diverse employee will help them to attract the investor and that will help them to increase profits. If they have diversity in their employees they can give confidence to their investors that their employees would be able to conquer any situation that comes in their way of doing their task successfully.

How employers can get benefit from a diverse workplace?

If the employer include the employees in talking decision and give them values it will encourage them to work better for the companies and other employees will also get motivated to do same and that will help the employer to get more profits. When they hire a divers employee they can get a chance to enhance their business globally as they have workers from different countries so they know how to promote business in different countries.

How employees can get benefit from a diverse workplace?

If the employees work in a diverse environment they will be able to get benefits like they could improve their skills, knowledge, they will also get to know about different culture, language and many more. As there will be a competition among the employees to get more successful they would be more productive in doing their task. the employees who have worked in a diverse environment would be able to get good knowledge and would be able to develop new skills so that it would be beneficial for them to make their career in other multinational companies.


There are not only positive or negative points for diversity at the workplace it is two-sided there might be positive or negative so it depends on organizations that how they manage it if they make good plans and strategies they can grow their business and it will also help them in competing them with other companies. It is not beneficial for the employer only but it has a positive impact on employees also, as it can help them to grow their abilities.


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