Essays on Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton: My Acquaintance With His Legacy

“What goes up must come down” once said Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was born on January the fourth of 1643 in England, but during that time England had not adopted the Gregorian calendar we use today and used the Julian calendar which marked his birthday on December 25th of 1642. He was born prematurely to...
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Sir Isaac Newton: The Importance Of His Theories

Do you ever wonder why when something jumps up it comes down? Well, Sir Isaac Newton came up with that theory, and if you wondered what that theory is, its gravity. Sir Isaac Newton was one of the world’s smartest people. He came up with the foundations of physics and he described the force of...
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Sir Isaac Newton: Principles Of Physics

Sir Isaac Newton was an English physicist and mathematician renowned for his principles of physics. His most famous work published in 1687 is called the Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. It has been called “the most influential book on physics”. His three laws of motion resulted in the discovery of the law of universal gravitation. Sir...
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