Essays on Jamaica Kincaid

Ideas Of Orientalism And Othering In A Small Place By Jamaica Kincaid And Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

Post-colonial was a period when countries that were superpowers like Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, and America took over countries that they see as inferior such as Antigua and some part of the African continent. These superpowers began seizing helpless countries due to their might, strength, and the nationalistic feeling towards their countries. This period was...
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The Ugly Tourist's Analysis

In her short story “The Ugly Tourist,” Jamaica Kincaid explains how oblivious tourists are in comparison to the natives of a land. She continues to explain how tourists only get to look at the surface layer of beauty, therefore never fully comprehending the depth of what they’re looking at. Kincaid labels the tourist as “ugly”...
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Analysis Of The Ugly Tourist By Jamaica Kincaid

Jamaica Kincaid, born in St. John, Antigua grew up in relative poverty. Antigua is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of its beautiful beaches and coral reefs, but 35% of its native people live below the poverty line. Although, thousands of tourists come to visit Antigua each year none of...
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