Essays on Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Versus Australia: Comparative Analysis

Baz Luhrmann is well known for his consistent unique stamp he contributes to all his films. Although, the film, Moulin Rouge, demonstrates aspects of formalism that contribute to Luhrmann’s famous Red Curtain style, it is in the Australia where Luhrmann unravels a realistic approach to his films in the Epic style. I have chosen one...

Moulin Rouge Versus Great Gatsby: Comparative Analysis

The film moulin rouge and the book the Great Gatsby share many things in common such as themes literature techniques and character personalities. The main and most obvious theme the two share is love. Both texts explore different forms of love, these include forbidden love, financial security love, the true love and circumstantial love. It...

Cinematography Used In Luhrmann’s Films: Analysis Of Moulin Rouge

Choose one of the following Australian directors; Baz Luhrmann, discuss how this director’s career and the films involved reflect broader trends in Australian (and where relevant, international) filmmaking. In your essay clearly define and discuss auteur theory and use at least three films to illustrate and support your essay’s central argument. Baz Luhrmann is an...
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