Essays on Narcolepsy

The Relationship Between Rem Sleep And Narcolepsy

The relationship between REM sleep and Narcolepsy. Abstract: Research was conducted to investigate the question ‘Is there correlation between amount of REM sleep and narcolepsy/narcoleptic symptoms?’ To achieve this, data was collected from a specialised sleep study data base called CAP sleep data base and then analysed using a t-test to find if there is...
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Sleeping Disorder: Narcolepsy

Sleep is the normal condition of rest wherein your eyes are shut, your body is latent, and your brain doesn’t think. It is a natural basic to the support of mental and physical wellbeing. It is a condition of being unconscious and no physical activities being done. One of the vital roles of sleep is...
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Analytical Review: A Case-control Study Of The Environmental Risk Factors For Narcolepsy

Picchioni, D., Hope, C., Harsh, J. (2007) A Case-Control Study of the Environmental Risk Factors for Narcolepsy. Neuroepidemiology, 2007;29:185–192. doi: 10.1159/000111581 The researchers wanted to know some of the environmental risk factors that may impact narcolepsy. There were a total of 126 participants which included a group of 63 individuals with narcolepsy (Experimental Group) and...
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