Essays on Depression

Depression: Meaning, Reasons, Symptoms And Treatment

Many psychologists define the word ‘depression” in many ways. Depression is very common throughout the world and can start in those who are younger than 30 years old. Depression is an illness that can lower someone’s value of life. Depression is a serious medical problem, that causes many different symptoms in people. This illness varies...
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Epidemic Of Depression In The USA

Millions of people in the U.S suffer from case depression. This is mind-blowing, one in every fifteen individuals is proven to be depressed Holden is clearly one of those people. Depression may results in death however it can also be preventable. Nerve-racking events and prescribed drugs are some causes of depression psychologically. Nerve-racking events are...
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Symptoms And Treatment Of Depression

Growing up in Ghana, I had never heard of the word “depression” or what it meant, and mind you, I was at the age of nineteen when I left Ghana, old enough to have known what it was. I guess because it wasn’t much talked about and most likely because of how we were raised...
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The Connection Of Loneliness And Depression

Loneliness goes hand in hand with depression, a mental illness that causes a person’s brain to function differently than the average person. Thousands of people face loneliness and depression within their daily lives and are forced to cope with them and learn how to manage their emotions. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein portrays an excellent example of...
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Causes Of Depression And Ways To Treat It

At some point in our lives, we experience emptiness and sadness. We feel sorrow and heartaches. However, when these feelings progress and negatively affect our way of thinking and doing things, it becomes depression. Depression can also be a persistent feeling of low mood that can lead to someone hurting himself/herself and can have emotional...
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Depression: The Mental Health Services

Mental illness or mental conditions refers to the wide range of psychiatric disorders that affects an individual’s behaviour, mood, and thinking (Kimberly Holland, 2018). According to (Westerhof, Keyes, 2010), mental illness is a term that encompasses a wide range of conditions that can affect the way a person feels and thinks. The mental illness is...
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Depression: A Destructive Illness Changing The Lives Of Many People

Depression is a destructive illness changing the lives of many people around the world. Despite this, its validity is affected by the existing mark of shame associated within our communities. Past and current research proves depression is both genetic and physical. The evidence presented within provides for only one possible result being made, namely, that...
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Depression: Pathophysiology And Pharmacological Treatments

Investigated Disease Process Depression rates have risen over the years and it has been considered a debilitating disease for many. Working in the oncology field, I see this manifest in many of the patients I care for on a daily basis. Major depressive disorder is different from having feelings of being down or just sad...
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Pharmacogenetics of Depression in the Mexican-American Population

Introduction Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a severe and incapacitating disease characterized by at least one of the following referring to depressed mood or loss of interest, motivation, or pleasure [1][2]. For diagnosis, these symptoms must be accompanied by at least four of several additional symptoms related to appetite, sleep, pain, or lack of energy,...
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