Objective and Importance of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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This article discusses the objective and importance of cultural diversity in the workplace. As well as different factors of culture diversity moreover, why it is important for the human resource department. How it becomes a wide social system, as well as what is the role of ethnicity. As well as what are the different strategies which are implemented by the various company by the help of cultural diversity to achieve various goals.

Today we live in the 21st century where every people want to move forward in their life by motivating themselves in every field, either it is studies or business. It begins with saying that today one the factor which effects deeply the workplace is “cultural diversity”. According to Velten & Lashley (2017), “there is no clear idea of whether culture diversity increase or decreases an employee’s motivation as per findings”. Moreover, Velten & Lashley (2017) said cultural diversity is becoming very much important in regards to ambiguity. Moving further, as per Velten & Lashley (2017) cultural differences distinguish some of the primary and secondary dimensions. In a primary like race, age, and gender. On the second hand, in secondary dimensions include religion and education. And thirdly, beliefs, assumptions, perceptions, attitude, feelings, values and group norms.

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As days are passing many changes are occurring in the workplace, and the change is all because of cultural diversity. Human resource management is inviting or interviewing various kind of people in the company by ignoring their nationality which is one of the best parts of growth for both employee and employer. Moreover, according to (Marquis et al. 2008, p.3) why diversity is playing an important role in the company. Firstly, diversity helps to tweak the income of the firm or company and secondly, it helps in the betterment of human resources in the environment of the workplace. Adding more, as per (Marquis et al. 2008, p.8) there is one diversity which is known as “supplier diversity” which means create the Programs to extend the proportion of minority-owned businesses a corporation and uses as a supplier. For example, supplier diversity intermediate both external and internal communities and that kind of diversity are one of the most important corporate objectives. But this program was failed by the time because there is lack of leadership in this and due to which things became bad to worse as per (Murphy 1998a) (as cited by Marquis et al. 2008, p.9). This research indicated that diversity is affecting the workplace. And the reason behind conducting is these programs to create more ideas to run a company and identify which is more suitable and good for the company and employees.

Moving further, cultural diversity is defined as the wide social system which is proved by field as well as laboratory settings. Where in laboratory settings (Cox et al. 1991) (as cited by Mazur 2010, p.8) observed that diversity in the group at workplaces are showing more effectiveness than in individual perspectives. But on another hand in a field setting (Pelled et al. 1999) (as cited by Mazur 2010, p.8) suggested that diversity is related to negative performance outcomes because it was followed by social-identity and self-categorization theory. In this, it observed that bigger the community structure outcome will be more effective and where more results can be seen instead of one mind there will be a wide variety of mind contribution in the company and which may result in higher productivity as well as turnover will be high too.

In human resource management culture, diversity is playing a very essential role. For example, in planning, recruiting, selection, unite of team members, appraisements, compensation or wages, encouragements, work safety, audits, and control as well as professional and personal development. By these elements of diversity, it is very easy to handle the employees’ trust and effective management. Furthermore, human resource managers always try to invent more way of diversity to create social benefits, individual and economic benefits stated by Myers (2003) (as cited by Jabbour et al. 2014, p.61). However, by considering this points Brazilian companies try to improve the there management process and inviting various diversity which helps to improve the structure and image of their company and moreover, human resource management getting more information on how to make changes for getting the best results and what are the key point for their employees to keep them for a long period.

In American cooperation human resource management for the improvement of end results of the company, diversity is positively helping in an improvement of the company as well as it also affects the escalation of employees skills, and their talents said by (Marquis et al. 2008, p.3). Moving further, there was argument was made how diversity helps to welcome more customers and their demand. Cleaver (2003) (as cited by Marquis et al. 2008, p.3) argued that ethnicity is the only way to make unity form and form a group in people belongs to the same cast can come regularly and have good hikes in future and present. On other hand, Cohen, Gabreil and Terrell (2002) (as cited by Marquis et al. 2008, p.3) argue that by taking an example health care industry, workforce must be increased by multiplying the diversity which supports to receive the consideration of medical attention among the people and business may go further and people belong to various ethnicity feel more comfortable. Hence, customer dealing becomes more easy and excellent.

It was found that if the company increase their 1 percent of gender diversity at workplaces the revenues of companies increased up to 3 percent stated by Sweeney (2016). Besides this, according to Glassdoor (as cited by Sweeney, 2016) around 67 percent, people are looking for job offers and they gauge the companies on the basis of gender and work culture so, it is very important that company must have diverse workforces. Along with this, there are around 10 companies in the world are become famous or gaining more profits after getting changes in their hiring process and welcomed diversity in Appendix 1.

Eventually, it observed that because of cultural diversity there are so many tasks which are easily done. And helps to learn the different aspects of the company, as well as after the introduction of this communication among the people become easier and finer. In this modern era without cultural diversity it is not easy to run any kind of business. It was found that (see appendix 1) after the introduction of cultural diversity in the company how companies are growing faster and holding top positions in the world. At last, diversity is one of the keys for success and legendary


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Appendix 1:

  • Companies
  • Employees worldwide
  • Diversity changes



This company made a gender balance in the company. Like, 40 % are women from all staff members. But in the past 2009, it was just 17%. Moreover, inboard od director also 43 % are women. As a result, now the company is running its 14 branches worldwide as well as the gross profit of a company is also increased by 23%. And in future 2025 they predict that 40 % of the company workforce will be made by women.

Johnson & Johnson (J&J)


In J &J they pushed different types of resources in the company to create a comfortable environment. For the best results, the organization expand global diversity and welcomed ‘global power diversity’. Adding more, after welcoming they start working together and it became top-level management in the world. Especially after involving around 100 working mothers.

Master Card


It comes under top 10 best company out of a total of 50 companies which are come under best companies of diversity list. They mentoring the soft wares and programmes to the older employees because they believe that diversity is driven which helps to make a better decision, better products and it is ‘the backbone of innovation’.



This company was against discrimination. And they make a design to diversity training into three parts such as diversity awareness, diversity management, and professional development. In which they give sexual orientations and discuss ethical issues. As well as they also offer jobs persons with disabilities in assistive technology departments and provide them flexible trimmings and additional training.

Kaiser Permanente


It is a healthcare company this company US and this company hired around 60% of people without testing about their color and around one third is women as a physician. And it became one of the top most company in 2016.



They were hiring a bunch of people in a company without noticing their ethnicity and they believe that the power of the company will be more maximize after getting different opinions and cultural references.



This company is known for entertainment and happiness. However, this company launch one programme called GWWI (Global Workplace and Women imitative) whose main focus to give more opportunity to women come and work as well as they can achieve more promotions.



Coco-cola introduced such “policies and practices” such as diversity education programmes in which includes diversity training, speaker services, and diversity library. As well as in 2017 they launch a programme in which they give around 6 weeks paid vacation to all mother and father.

Marriott International


This company is known for the ‘world best multinational workplaces by a great place to work’.



This company finding ways of hiring people by keeping the term culture diversity. Moreover, they have confidence that diversity the key element for their success. Adding more, the replacement word in the company that is “disability to diverse ability”. They don’t recognize the people with disability (lack of ability) rather they are having “diverse skills and proficiencies”.


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