Essays on Ovarian Cancer

Crispr Cas System For Treatment Of Ovarian Cancer And Its Delivery Methods

Abstract CRISPR/ Cas technology is a gene editing tool used in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals for studying diseases and its treatment. This paper majorly concentrates on ovarian cancer, its different types and the major genes involved in causing the disease. Few researches about how this CRISPR technology is used for treatment of ovarian cancer in-vitro has...
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Types Of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers found in woman. Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (EOC) is the malignancy within the epithelial cells in the ovary. This consists of two types, type I and type II, in this review the differences between the two are discussed and highlighted in terms of treatment and diagnosis. Early...
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Role Of Pet/CT In Assessment Of Ovarian Cancer Recurrence

Case Presentation Case 1 52 years female patient with historical of treated ovary cancer went TAH with BCO and received chemotherapy. Now presented with elevation CA25 and referred for Pet/CT. Figure (1) Axial ECT of the abdomen (A) Axial Pet image of the abdomen (B) fusion Pet/ CT (C) show peritoneum soft lesions (arrows) which...
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