Pyramids of Giza: Analytical Essay

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Generally about the pyramids.

The Giza Pyramids attempted to hold up under a ceaseless time span, have done as of late that. The excellent tombs are relics of Egypt’s Old Kingdom period and were manufactured precisely 4,500 years back. Egypt’s pharaohs expected to become divine creatures in life following passing. To prepare for the accompanying scene they raised havens to the heavenly creatures and tremendous pyramid tombs for themselves—stacked up with all the things each ruler would need to direct and bolster himself in the accompanying scene. Pharaoh Khufu began the foremost Giza pyramid adventure, around 2550 B.C. His Great Pyramid is the greatest in Giza and towers some place in the scope of 481 feet (147 meters) over the level. Its evaluated 2.3 million stone frustrates each check an ordinary of 2.5 to 15 tons. Khufu’s youngster, Pharaoh Khafre, built the second pyramid at Giza, around 2520 B.C. His necropolis moreover fused the Sphinx, a confusing limestone milestone with the body of a lion and a pharaoh’s head. The Sphinx may stand sentinel for the pharaoh’s entire tomb complex. The third of the Giza Pyramids is amazingly smaller than the underlying two. Worked by Pharaoh Menkaure around 2490 B.C., it incorporated a significantly progressively complex memorial service home asylum. Each massive pyramid is all things considered one bit of a greater complex, including a mansion, asylums, sun based vessel pits, and various features. (NationalGeographic,2019, Pyramids of Giza)

Building session

The old building accomplishments at Giza were great to the point that even today researchers can’t be certain how the pyramids were assembled. However, they have found out much about the individuals who manufactured them and the political force important to get it going. The developers were gifted, all-around sustained Egyptian laborers who lived in a close by brief city. Archeological burrows on the entrancing site have uncovered a profoundly sorted out network, rich with assets, that more likely than not been supported by solid focal position. Almost certainly, networks across Egypt contributed laborers, just as nourishment and different basics, for what became here and there a national undertaking to show the riches and control of the old pharaohs. Such disclosures have driven Zahi Hawass, secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities and a National Geographic traveller in-living arrangement, to take note of that in one sense it was the Pyramids that fabricated Egypt—instead of the a different way. In spite of the fact that some famous forms of history held that the pyramids were worked by slaves or outsiders constrained in the process of childbirth, skeletons unearthed from the zone show that the laborers were likely local Egyptian farming workers who chipped away at the pyramids during the season when the Nile River overflowed a great part of the land close by. Around 2.3 million squares of stone (averaging about 2.5 tons each) must be cut, shipped and amassed to fabricate Khufu’s Great Pyramid. The antiquated Greek history specialist Herodotus composed that it took 20 years to assemble and required the work of 100,000 men, however later archaeological proof recommends that the workforce may really have been around 20,000. (NationalGeographic,2019,Pyramids of Giza)

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The symbolism of the Pyramid

The province of Egyptian pyramids is thought to address the beginning time slope from which the Egyptians acknowledged the earth was made. The condition of a pyramid is accepted to be illustrative of the sliding light emissions sun, and most pyramids were faced with cleaned, astoundingly astute white limestone, in order to give them an awesome appearance when seen from a division. Pyramids were consistently also named in habits that insinuated sun arranged brilliance. For example, the customary name of the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur was The Southern Shining Pyramid, and that of Senwosret at el-Lahun was Senwosret is Shining. While it is regularly agreed that pyramids were burial tourist spots, there is continued with contrast on the particular strict principles that may have offered rise to them. One proposal is that they were arranged as a kind of ‘recovery machine. ‘The Egyptians acknowledged the diminish district of the night sky around which the stars appear to turn was the physical section into the sky. One of the tight shafts that connect from the essential burial chamber through the entire body of the Great Pyramid concentrates authentically towards the point of convergence of this bit of the sky. This proposes the pyramid may have been planned to fill in as an approach to bafflingly dispatch the died pharaoh’s soul clearly into the residence the gods. Every single Egyptian pyramid depended on the west bank of the Nile, which, as the site of the setting sun, was connected with the space of the dead in Egyptian folklore.


The Sphinx of Giza is a goliath 4,500-year-old limestone statue organized near the Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. Around 240 feet long and 66 feet high, the Great Sphinx is one of the world’s greatest tourist spots. It is moreover one of the most obvious relics of the out of date Egyptians, anyway the beginning stages and history of the epic structure are still talked about (,2015)

What is a sphinx?

A sphinx is a creature with the body of a lion and the pioneer of a human, with specific assortments. It is a recognizable amazing figure in Egyptian, Asian, and Greek legends. In outdated Egypt, the sphinx was a significant guardian and routinely depicted as a male with a pharaoh cap—simply like the Great Sphinx—and figures of the creatures were much of the time associated with tomb and asylum buildings. For instance, the implied Sphinx Alley in Upper Egypt is a two-mile street that interfaces the havens of Luxor and Karnak and is fixed with sphinx statues. Sphinxes with the similitude of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut in like manner exist, for instance, the stone sphinx statue at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the enormous alabaster sphinx at the Ramessid haven in Memphis, Egypt. From Egypt, the sphinx was imported to both Asia and Greece around the fifteenth to sixteenth century B.C. Differentiated and the Egyptian model, the Asian sphinx had hawk wings, was once in a while female, and much of the time sat on its rear with one paw raised in depictions.(,2015)

Tourists from all over the world visit Pyramids of Giza. Millions of people have already visit the pyramids and the Sphinx. It is one of the most famous attraction all over the world. Most of the people living on earth have heard something about the Pyramids. Therefore people visiting the place should stay the night somewhere. That’s why the need of building accommodations came up. Nowadays the area near the pyramids is full of luxury hotels that are able to give a stay to thousands of guests. Furthermore, a big problem that visitors had was how they would manage to go to the pyramids. Many years ago visitors were able to go and see the pyramids only by camels. That used to take hours and hours and it was really tiring for everyone. The heat also was a major problem the guest had to deal. Under the sun of Sahara travelling by camels was exhausting. Nowadays huge roads have been built that can lead you directly in these pyramids. Buses are used from the government only to carry people to this area. Furthermore vip transfers are being used in a reasonable price to drive them with a easier and more comfortable way. Also, guided tours take place in this sight. People from all over the world have the chance to book their guided tour via the internet pay it online and have a whole day experience with a local speaking in their language informing them for every single thing they see in the tour. The tourists have the ability as well to have a ride around the pyramids with trained camels. A fascinating trip and of course something really special because you cant do it every day.

In every single tour destination, there are problems. Every kind of destination face problems about some factors that can affect the tourist industry in each Area. In our situation, the pyramids of Giza there are a variety of problems that really affect the area. First of all the heat. The temperatures are really high every day. Some days though the temperature are terribly high. Sometimes the heat heats 50 degrees during the day. That’s something that can really affect the tourist part in the pyramids. A lot of people will rethink the idea of visiting the pyramids because of the terrible heat. As a result people some days don’t visit the area so the income these days from the tickets are so lower than other days. Considering the climate change that the new world face this phenomenon can be more usual. Another problem that the pyramids face is the number of maximum people that can enter the pyramid. Each time only 80 people can enter the pyramid for 60 to 90 minutes. During the day more than a thousand people visit the place there. That means that during the day and the working hours of the pyramids(7:30-19:00) only a minimum amount of groups can enter the pyramids per day. From this problem, another one is already made. Cuing. Cuing is one of the most important thing in a monument. People get nervous by waiting for a lot of hours. In this situation even more because they wait under the sun. Furthermore, we have to consider the claustrophobia somebody can have inside the pyramids. There are people that are afraid of small areas. Inside the pyramid, all the roads are really narrow, something that can affect the psychology of each guest. They will probably start not feeling well and the way out will be difficult. That is because inside and outside the pyramids there can not be any restoration at all. The pyramid is that old that it can not handle any restore at all. Pyramids are one of the monuments that are protected from UNESCO. UNESCO is so strict in thing like restores. That’s why is so difficult. Now I will say something about my personal experience. Five years ago I visited Egypt to go and see the pyramids. The airport was terribly small something that make the big airlines put less flights for this destination, as a result, the flights are more expensive and less people visit this destination. At the last I want to mention the terrorist attacks. Over the last years many terrorist attacks have taken place in this area. People around the world are really considering of visiting areas like Egypt. They are afraid that if something happens the days they are there they will not be able to leave and protect their families, something that in my opinion have a really strong base.

We already mentioned the several problems that this area has. Now lets se if there is anything that the community or the ones that organize the place can do. About the heat, there are not so many things that they can do. I mean what can someone do about the sun. The only possible solution for this would be to place huge umbrellas so at least the sun will not burn their skin. After that there is also nothing they can do about the cuing and the maximum number of people that can enter the pyramids. They cant make the pyramids bigger so they will fit more people in. The only thing they can do is only make the time people can stay in the pyramids less. That’s how the cue will be a bit smaller and the groups will have a faster entrance. If they do that though they will have to deal with people that want to stay more in the pyramids. They have to choose between the two options. Unfortunately, they cant deal the claustrophobia too. As we mentioned before there is nothing anyone can do to make the pyramids or the really narrow roads that are inside them bigger. People have to take a small risk by entering the area. For the last I want to mention the thing with the airport and the terrorist attacks. Firstly about the airport, the government should take action and extend the airport by making a building next to the airport so the demands of the airlines and the people traveling will be much easier to be serviced. About the terrorist attacks, we live in 2020 and unfortunately the terrorist attacks have been raised a lot. In these areas with the Muslims and the jihad over the 50% of the population on earth is considering about their vacation because of these attacks. The only thing that the government can do is put more police in several places and prepare the army for attacks like this so they will be ready.

To sum up, as we can see behind all these monuments there are several problems that affect the tourist area. Even small problems around the area and not even at the monument can cause difficulties. I chose the pyramids of Giza because I think it is one of the most famous attractions all over the world and one of the most interesting monuments for every age. Anyone who will visit this place will say that it is magnificent. Even with the small problems that the pyramids face they will be for many yeays one of the most famous destinations to visit.


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