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I was very honored and humbled when I was hired to be the CEO of Koch Industries. I worked tirelessly to get to this wonderful opportunity, and I will put in the blood, sweat, and tears into this position, but also this company that I have great admiration for, and much respect for. I believe I was selected due to me having similar values as the company. I was raised to treat the janitor with the same amount of respect as the CEO of a company. I value integrity, honesty, and great effort. My abilities have been proven over the years within the company with me being a very loyal employee, but also Koch was very loyal to me also, I have proven to think outside the box, read between the lines, and to have a willingness to learn more and work with others, even learning new cultures with the great diverse people of this company! I plan to make a respected ethics program not only from current employees in the company but also for future employees. All employees will be valued and we will show them that they are valued. In my company, all employees will be respected and will treat each other with respect. I plan to have a relaxed environment in the office even in times of stress! A big part of my ethical program is that I love my employees to work in groups to figure out company’s decisions and with group work people will have to learn to work with one another and accept all ideas and work with individuals from different cultures, and learn about those cultures. We will be an accepting company of all kind, and no unethical decisions or situations will be tolerated. I will make sure and never will put my employees in unethical situations.

Section 3

Why are ethics good for guiding this company? Well, here is a few reasons. Ethics to me are the nucleus into a business running smoothly, it can bounce off them. It runs our decisions, values, and keeps us responsible. Ethics and responsibility, I believe go hand and hand with one another. It keeps a company from overreaching, and not making bad decisions, and keep is grounded. Ethics is just like a constitution to a country, but it’s to a business it keeps it running. Next, it keeps it from making unethical decisions and perhaps helps avoid legal issues, it keeps it responsible in that sense. Thirdly, it refrains employees from engaging in unethical behavior whether it is with decisions or putting other employees in uncomfortable situations. Lastly, it keeps people in power or managers from putting employees or forcing them into unethical decisions that could hurt the company. The four biggest ethical issues facing this company which is common in a lot of businesses is Respectful workplace, Compliance issues, decision make issues, and governance issues. We will not tolerate a hostile work environment!

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Section 4

The reason why I want to create this program is to maintain a respectful environment in the workplace and a fair workplace.

KOCH’s ethical decision model

  1. Stop and think
  2. Consider all choices
  3. Consider all consequences
  4. Determine the Facts
  5. Consider all ideas
  6. Make decision
  7. Implement Decisions


Section 5

My New code of conduct for Koch Industries.

  1. Responsibility
  2. Integrity
  3. Willing to learn
  4. Open Minded
  5. Trustworthy
  6. Confidential

These keys I believe are the most important in an organization. Employers need be responsible for their decisions and their work. All employees should have integrity in their work, I want my employees wiling to learn new things from others, and me even the CEO I want to learn new things, and they need to be open minded, and welcome new ideas. Employers need to be trustworthy, and honesty, lastly remain confidential within the business. A law that comes to mind that goes hand and hand with one of these components is HIPAA even though we are not a medical company, we offer insurance to our employees, and protect those employees that have medical conditions and human resources will have to remain confidential.

Section 6

I want to reinstate why I got this job. They picked me because of my good judgement, ethical leadership, and that I have an open mind to always improve and learn. Four big characteristics that describe my personality is Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, Having a vision. I will always be loyal to the company, but I will always be loyal to my employees. They are the back bone of the company, and like I said before I will always be fair, and treat all with respect, but employees need to be loyal as well, and put their best effort for the company. Coming from parents that were both farm kids in Western Kansas taught me that hard work, and determination is everything to make your dreams come true and to treat everyone with respect no matter who they are. I was raised to treat the janitor the same as the CEO of a great company.

Section 7

In this company, I will set a standard of obligations under Peel that I will fulfill to my employees. I will maintain a great communication with my workers and ensure communication between managers and employees. Next, to further loyalty in the company I will further training to help employers retain information, and improve skills. We will also invest in recruiting new employees investing in interns, and training programs. Lastly, employees will always be compensated for above and beyond work and effort, and the promise to advance up the ladder. This company ethically won’t ask employees to do tasks that are unethical, and illegal. Our company takes laws, rules, and values very seriously, and will not tolerate any abusive, unethical, sexual harassment and illegal behavior. We as a company are lawful abiding by federal laws. We don’t discriminate in employees, and welcome all potential workers to come and be a part of our company.

Section 8

We take our customers very seriously and we classify them as stakeholders. To keep in touch with our consumers we will take in account their needs, let them know about our latest strategy, strive for excellent relationships, and maintain them, make sure they understand our plan and if they have problems we will find solutions for them. Stakeholders are our company’s backbone and if they are happy, we are happy. Having excellent customer service is a very important trait to improve relationships, and it shows that we value each one of them. We also take our legal acts with consumers very seriously and we take the federal trade commission very seriously we will maintain appropriate confidentiality, identity protection, and will maintain a fair marketing practice.


To conclude I am a hard-headed individual when it comes to never giving up, and leading a group of people. I am also one of the most loyal individuals you will ever work with, and meet. I will maintain a great communication to my managers and employees (Chung). I take business, rules, and laws very seriously. I can be a tough person to work for, but I am fair. I do not tolerate any disrespect among employees, and co-workers. I will do whatever is best to help this company grow and maintain sustainability (HBR). I am a person that can relate with workers. I will reward an employee when I feel it is inappropriate, and I will criticize one if need be also, but not in a respectful way. I do my reprimanding in private, because it shows the employee the respect I have for them, and hopefully it rubs off on them to show respect for me. Lastly, I believe I can take this company to new heights, and I will cherish this opportunity.


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