Essays on Resilience

Resilience Beats Stress

One thing every businessman understands is that building a business is an emotional roller coaster ride. Sometimes you encounter great things like you just landed a new deal, one day you may think your business is going bankrupt. In this highly competitive world, you need to develop resilience skills to survive. You need be mentally...
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Resilience And Microaggressions

Resilience in the Face of Racial-Ethnic Microaggressions Discriminatory behavior is easily recognized due to the unconcealed nature of it. On the contrary, microaggressions are a new category that refers to the subtle yet harmful forms of discriminatory behavior experienced by members of oppressed groups. Such behavior often results from implicit bias, leaving individual perpetrators unaware...
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Employee Resilience Into The Military-industrial Complex

The intention of this report is to give a clear insight into the military-industrial complex identifying and analyzing stressors related to current and former employees within this sector, giving great deal of attention to soldiers. The report will also discuss theories such as emotional labour and psychological contract in relation to building resilience. It will...
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