Essays on Samurai

Samurai Takamori Saigō: Biography

The name of the most influential samurai to ever live and a huge political and historic hero was Takamori saigo the date of the day he was born was the “December 7, 1827” in the prefecture of Kagoshima. He from a samurai classed family. With the lower rank of retainer of a daimyo. From child...
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Comparison Of Samurai And Knights

Although the samurai and the knights shared their differences, they both came around to be very similar in various aspects of their daily lives. Both tribes had the following in common; code of behaviour, weapons and armour all in which contributed to shaping what society is today. Weaponry and armour were similar in most aspects,...
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Samurai: Definition, Lifestyle And Weapons

Samurai in Kamakura Shogunate (1192-1333) A samurai in Kamakura shogunate were defenders of agricultural land for the wealthy and would protect them from outsiders that would raid their land. The samurai were a part of a warrior class in japan. A samurai gained powerful presents across their land and country for the next seven hundred...
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