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Semiotic Analysis: Classic Fairy-tales Versus Shrek

In this essay, I will be rhetorically analysing the DreamWorks animation Shrek (2001) to show how it challenges the classical telling of a fairy-tale. The film represented a major turning point in the representation of fairy-tales; in fact, it opposes to the classical story of the damsel in distress saved by a prince, that of...

Shrek: Breaking Fairytale Boundaries Since 2001

The renowned 2001 Dreamworks animation is watched and adored by many; having been one of the first feature-length computer animated films. ‘Shrek’ is a film-adaptation of the book ‘Shrek!’, which was written by William Stieg, an American Cartoonist. Whilst maintaining its fantasy/fairy tale genre, its success and fame is from its subversion and disregard for...
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Shrek As A Musical: Phenomenal Job Of Design Team

Have you ever watched a movie, play, or musical and thought to yourself, “how in the world do they look so realistic, and how did the bring the character to life like that?” In “Shrek the Musical”, they did just that. They brought to life the aspects of the Ogres, Donkey, the even shortened Lord...

Traditional Fairytale Elements in Shrek

Once upon a time an Ogre left his swamp to go save the princess. Oh wait, aren’t Ogre’s supposed to kill princesses? So, why didn’t the actual prince save the princess? Well, in the movie Shrek 2, DIRECTED BY, it was a total reversal of the traditional fairy tale elements. Although one’s first impressions may...

Shrek Review: Opinion Essay

I watched a musical by the name of Shrek, that was written by David Lindsay-Abaire and performed by CIS students. Shrek is about an ogre, Shrek, who was outcast his whole life, which leads him to a swap, where he can finally be happy by himself. The story lone continues when a group of outcasted...
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