Essays on Design

Modular Design: Definition, Practice And Possibilities

Intro Life is better now than it has ever been before. The current age of information and technology has allowed global communication at speeds never before seen. A combination of this and a capitalist climate has led to outsourcing to different regions so that products can be assembled rapidly and more cost-effectively. This has allowed...
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Roles And Responsibilities Of Designers, Advisers And Regulators, Design Needs Of The Client

P1 -Describe the roles and responsibilities of designers, advisers and regulators associated with building design A designer is an organisation or individual whose business involves preparing or modifying designs for construction projects, or arranging for, or instructing, others to do this. Designs include drawings, design details, specifications, bills of quantity and design calculations. Some responsibilities...
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Traditional Chinese Art And Culture In Modern Art Design

Art has been utilised for communicating messages and educating people for centuries. Even artists from the early Western period used art in this manner. Because of this, the elements of their works hold significance (Baig, 2020). Graphic design, which is a form of art, involves the exchange of colour and graphics information transmission. Graphics are...
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Role Of Design Thinking In Human Life

Design thinking is applicable no matter the role or industry. Whether working in business, government, education, or non-profit, design thinking can help develop innovative solutions based on the needs of the people. Design thinking could be definitely a big surprise. If you make the right research or having inspiration you could create authenticity. Design thinking...
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Taste and Design Applied to the Fashion System: Literature Review

Literature Review Starting with a general introduction about the fashion system and what is meant for “good taste” this review will discuss how external factors such as good advertising, bizarreness, and marketing can affect the perception of a product. Besides, the paper focuses on the relation between fashion, good taste, and advertising. According to several...
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Importance Of Design In The Fabrication Of A Product

Designing is the process of visualizing and planning the fabrication of a product. Everything in your surrounding is based on design. From the chair to the television. Not just the physical objects, even the virtual objects like motion graphics, brand logos or even the comics you read everything needs to be designed. Everything is designed...
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Design Development: Self-Assessment And Peer Feedback

Introduction I have created two designs for the product I am presenting to progress ahead and in this Document, I will describe why I have designed my designs based on my customer profile choices. Design 1 My design 1 features a blue base colour with a white trim colour and a wide rim I have...
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Main Characteristics Of Good Design: Target Audience And Implementation

“Is my design good design?” Design is a very broad subject that embraces an extensive variety of different disciplines from product, graphic and interior design to industrial and architectural design. Any designer wants their design to be a success. They want it to be taken up and used extensively. They want what they create to...
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Shrek As A Musical: Phenomenal Job Of Design Team

Have you ever watched a movie, play, or musical and thought to yourself, “how in the world do they look so realistic, and how did the bring the character to life like that?” In “Shrek the Musical”, they did just that. They brought to life the aspects of the Ogres, Donkey, the even shortened Lord...
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