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Concept Of Time In Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Time is a significant theme in many of Shakespeare’s sonnets, often being expressed as cruel and destructive. The ever-lasting ruthlessness of time is often personified as the villain, rather than the hero of the story, its pestilential behaviors are evident throughout both sonnets 2 and 5. Both sonnets 2 and 5 discuss time’s corruption of...
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The Facebook Sonnet By Sherman Alexie

“The Facebook Sonnet” by Sherman Alexie is an intriguing take on both the expectations that an older generation has on how their kin use the internet and social media, as well as a peek into how those in the middle of life find themselves trapped in the traps meant for young people. One would0gthink, when...
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Analysis Of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 30

Many, both professional and amateur, critics analyze William Shakespeare’s sonnets with a fine-tooth comb. From the manipulation of iambic pentameter and rhyme scheme to the combination of mismatched words, Shakespeare’s sonnets are interpreted in various different ways. “Sonnet 30”, is a popular one among critics, for most believe it to be a great metaphor, one...
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