Essays on Stanford Prison Experiment

Social Psychology: Stanford Prison Experiment

I became interested in the Stanford prison experiment after one lecture on social psychology and social roles. I wondered in the same type of situation would the fact that participants self-selected have accounted for there cruelty. A paper by Carnahan, T. & McFarland, S (2007) explored the Big Five personality factors they hypothesized that those...

The Relationship Between Obedience, Authority And Personal Morality: Stanford Prison Experiment

Building a Rationale Introduction Obedience is a change of behaviour, resulting in acting in a particular way due to an order from an authority figure (Heinzen & Goodfriend, 2019, p.198). Stanley Milgram renowned in the field of social psychology conducted experiments (1963, 1965) that examined the relationship between obedience, authority and personal morality and provide...
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