Statement of Purpose and Reason to Study Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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‘If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.’

As someone mentioned the above lines it is the very same passion that sowed the seed of changing the current road I stand to a different one.

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I am Rahul RS, a 23-year-old hardworking Indian citizen.I completed my secondary schooling at Amrutha Public School and later my higher secondary from Rani Public School. I am currently a business administration graduate and I received my graduation from Calicut University. As the next step, I chose CMA but during which I gained interest in management and found it to be my cup of tea. Digging deeper into myself,I have my own strengths and weaknesses. I am a good reader and listener a perfectionist and a hardworking individual.I also have a liking for playing cricket and football. Coming to my cultural capabilities,I am a tabla artist and achieved various prizes in different competitions

I was always fond of managing during the myriad functions that happened to my friends and family. It was penned as work instead I have always enjoyed running around, making schedules, and always have dreamed of being the king of my own business empire. I have always felt that its passion and liking towards what you do that makes us do things with perfection and at this point, I would like to choose my future in the management field as that is where I have found my passion lies.

‘The importance of logistics and supply chain management has grown significantly,’ screams this 21st century. ‘In any industry goods need to be procured, stored, and dispatched. Efficient and effective management of all these business functions is critical in the current business world. The career openings for graduates are moreover in abundance and since every organization comprises of a retail organization this would perhaps provide myriad opportunities to walk in. The competition in today’s job market is increasing at a peak rate and thus people with excellence and knowledge are considered the key stakeholders thus a degree in logistics, transport, or supply management is essential to make the resume bold. Working in a field like logistics also provides the opportunity to improve to learn from experienced people and thus help me to contribute to this ever-growing business world making me choose this one to be the master’s degree I want.

The United Kingdom has always fascinated me with its rich diversity in cultures, cuisines, languages and above all the excellent support they provide for international students. The UK is also known for the remarkable employment skills that they impart to their fellow students. Being a part of a university in the UK is sure to open my doors to expand my knowledge and language with abundances of opportunities to meet new people, taste new cultures and explore myriad opportunities. The exposure that I would receive is rather huge accounting for its world-class research programs, the wide range of education clubs, technical and nontechnical communities, and also the various life cultures. There are of course numerous other reasons that I could state on what attracted me to pursue a post-graduation from a country like the United KingdomThere are abundances of opportunities out there in the world, but there must be an equal match of skills, knowledge, and experience, for a person to put them to the best use. Conversations with people who are currently doing their masters in the UK and already graduates have poured in confidence for me to continue my education in the UK.

Out of all the different universities,I chose to study at Sheffield Hallam University due to the abundance of opportunities it provides for a person like me to grow. The student experience at SHU encompasses the academic excellence offered by high-quality teaching, ground-breaking research, and extensive links with employers and business leaders, but we are also confident you will benefit from the best this multicultural city has to offer. Moreover, with its safe, friendly, and affordable environment, Sheffield takes its place as one of the best places to study in Europe.

Keeping aside all my talents and passion, I am a hardworking, responsible and confident person with the utmost desire to learn new things.I am someone who puts my heart and soul into everything I do with sincerity and dedication.

On this positive note, I hope you will grant me acceptance to your highly reputed program.


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