Essays on Synesthesia

Synesthesia In Robert Gray's Poetry

Robert Gray is a poet who uses sensory images through juxtaposition, comparison, Romanticism, Synesthesia to explore Australian, Spiritual, Emotional landscape that explores the perspective regulated in his poetry. Robert Gray’s poetry is both metaphysical and physical illustrated in ‘Journey, The North Coast’ capturing the substance of experiences through feelings and emotions. The poem draws on...
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Author's Experience: Synesthesia

I always pictured myself performing in the world’s largest and most beautiful Church. The marvel construction of the perpendicular gothic architecture always brought me peace and solace. A single glaring ray of light shines down upon my face through the coloured pattern stained-glass window. Taking small steps towards the sacred altar, I suddenly lock eyes...
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Revealing The Meaning Of Term Synesthesia

This is an extract from ‘A Mango Shaped Space,’ a novel written by Wendy Mass that excellently captures and explores the reality of synesthetes (patients of synesthesia.) Synesthesia is the term commonly used to account for a rare neurological condition in which one sense can elicit another involuntary sensory phenomenon, even if there is no...
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