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Introduction: –

In advance of 11 years through SanFrancisco Travis Kalanick and Garrett camp start a startup which title was UberCab then it was changed to Uber. Uber’s story started with facing of Travis with Garrett at presenting a symposium.

By dint of 2007, the two men had marketed their work with big amount of money. Travis deal to Toakamai Technologies brought 19 million dollars on the other hand camps deal to eBay brought 75 million dollars.

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The thought was camp’s thought after he couldn’t reach an appointment because of the taxi car so he started this idea to solve San Francisco’s serious problem of taxi transportation and now from a startup to one of the hugest lift companies in the world. although the company does not have net income till now, but the amount of investments is about 31.761 billion us$.

CEO: –

Dara Khosrowshahi the CEO of uber is an Iranian American businessman. Khosrowshahi was previously CEO of the group of Expedia which owns several travel fare aggregators. he is also member of board of directors of bet.com and hotels.com and previously worked for the New York times he is also on the list of prominent Iranian Americans published by the embassy of the United States, Tehran.

Managerial roles: –

As a great leader Dara owns features that distinguish between him and any other CEO first, he avoids distractions. secondly, he takes hazards that worth like when he told a Skift a travel company .how they can approaches high impact at decision-making: ‘90% of the time you’re going to make the decision that everyone else is going to make as normally 90% of choices are fairly obvious. And bend instead of breaking.

leadership style I believe Dara possesses is the social style. He cares a lot about his customers and makes sure to be connected with them on social media websites and other medians. He tries his best to make sure that Expedia, Inc. will provide the people of the world with the best possible experience. Dara expresses this mission in many of his interviews and it shines through in many descriptions of himself and the company on the Internet. And he has the power to take all the power from the employees.

Organization Culture: –

Uber’s culture depends on the spreading of the company no matter how it works and as the company have a lot of employees so the are not connecting directly so there are not really teamwork. Otherwise the managers can consider themselves partners in the company as it was the policy of Travis when the business started spreading comes in the first place then the income will come and owing to this uber still do not have a net income but have investments more than any other company.

Global operations:

uber operates in more than 63 countries including Germany, Egypt, UK, USA, and UAE. Due to the large-scale operations of the company, the global attitude of the company is obviously geocentric as it has employees engaged in researches all over the world aiming to use best practices from around the globe.

In order to achieve sustainable profitable growth, they strive to gain and retain leading market industries and thus continually increase their company value. They focus on growth markets that are driven by innovation strategy. An innovation strategy is usually used by a company advanced in technology or services, usually by investing money in research and development activities

Managing multi-cultural teams: –

Today, Uber has around 3.9 million drivers in more than 700 regions and countries, therefore they should maintain effective ways to manage their multi-cultural teams. From my perspective, they should start by having cross-culturally competent team leaders and take time to build relationships and trust as this eases negotiation between members and helps in decision making. As communicating is said to be the key of success in every organization especially multi-national companies. It is very important to set deadlines as time can be a personally and culturally sensitive issue. To get everybody on the same page is particularly important if any of the team members do not operate in the same time zone.


In my opinion, uber is a great company with a great crew but they have to improve the drivers and there communication with customers and see the prices somehow.


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