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A synopsis of Memento

Memento is a film about a man by the name Leonard, who is an insurance investigator and he has a memory which is damaged. The mind got destroyed as a result of a head injury which he sustained when he was trying to intervene in the murder of his wife. The quality of his life gets hampered severely due to this event, making him live a life which is comprehended able. He takes photos using Polaroid camera and tattoos notes on himself.

The film gets narrated in flashes which are forward about the situations which are to happen in the future. The events happen because of the unreliable memory which Leonard has, and during this period he comes across various characters. Leonard wants to revenge the death of his wife, but it is challenging for him to do so because he can barely remember anything. The film is generally about the future events and the conversation which Leonard had through the telephone while at his room in the motel

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A synopsis of 50 first Dates

50 First Dates is a movie about a man named Henry Roth who lives in Hawaiian paradise. The man likes to have the company of many women who he has no attachment. Henry habit stops when he gets to meet Lucy Whitmore. When the two meet they get along very well, and they feel they can start a relationship which is serious together. However, when the two individuals meet the following day, Lucy does not recognize Henry.

Henry gets confused when Lucy is unable to recognize him, but he eventually realizes that Lucy cannot recall every single day because she has a memory problem. Lucy suffers from short term loss of memory as a result of an accident. The situation of Lucy does not stop Henry because he is determined to make Lucy fall in love with him.

Memory consolidation is the process through which memories kept in the long-term memory get modified strengthened and also maintained. The method of memory consolidation is essential because it makes the memories stored in the long-term term memory become stable.

In Memento Leonard is unable to remember who killed his wife. Despite Leonard wanting to avenge the death of his wife, it very difficult for him to accomplish his mission because he cannot recall anything (Kim and Fanselow 1992). Leonard situation forces him to tattoo himself with notes and also take photos using Polaroid camera. Instead of the characters in the movie helping Leonard, they full advantage of his situation and use him to their advantage.

Leonard cannot have long-term memories because he got a head injury when he was trying to save the life of his late wife. The movie reflects on how members of society take advantage of the needy members of society and use them to their own benefit. Instead of mistreating the needy which should try and help them out because it is not their desire and wish to be in the conditions they are facing.

In 50 First Dates the idea of memory consolidation is handled accordingly. Henry, despite realizing that Lucy has a memory problem, he does not leave her instead seeks various ways which he uses to help her. Henry is helped out by Marlin and Doug, and the three individuals improve Lucy, and she also falls in love with Henry. 50 First Dates is a psychological thriller, and it educates us to help the needy members of the community. It also proves to us that through teamwork, we can achieve a lot. In the end, Henry helps Lucy thanks to the help of Marlin and Doug.

Amnesia is a medical situation which makes individuals not to able to remember things; it can also get described not having the ability to recall anything. Amnesia is as a result of brain disease or damage to the brain. Amnesia is not a pleasant condition to be in because you cannot get engaged in any form of activity if you cannot be able to recall anything.

In Memento amnesia is demonstrated through Leonard. Leonard s unable to recall the persons who killed his wife. The brain of Leonard got damaged when he was trying to save the life of his wife. Due to his condition, Leonard is forced to tattoo himself using notes take photographs so that he can trace the individual who killed his wife (Eichenbaum 1993). In the storyline, no one seems to be interested in helping out Leonard instead of the characters involved in the film only take advantage of his situation. Memento is a psychological film; the film educates us that we should not get involved in revenge. I tend to think this is the reason why Leonard is unable to get his revenge at the end of the film; instead, he gets used by the different characters in the movie.

In 50 First Dates, amnesia gets demonstrated through Lucy, who is unable to recall anything due to an accident. Lucy is forced to watch tapes about the occurrences of the previous day due to her condition. I tend to think 50 First Dates is a psychological movie teaching us that we should not give up on other persons just as Henry did not give up on Lucy.


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