Ancient Rome Under Julius Caesar

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 The location of Rome under Julius Caesar stretched as far north to Brittain, as far south as Africa, as far west as Spain, and as far east as Asia Minor. The people of Ancient Rome came from a small town across the Tiber River. The average climate was as they say “temperate” because of the altitude, and how close they are to the sea. They average amount of rain per year is about 30 inches, and average temperature is about 75 degrees. Ancient Rome really technically only has two seasons winter and summer, winters are normally mild, while like anywhere else summers are hot. These seasons never really affected ancient Rome, because they never had to worry about snow getting in the way.

The government under Julius Caesar was very different than before, because before Rome was ruled by two people, but when he came he changed it to where Rome was ruled by one person, an emporer. The common people had basically no say in the government. While the rich people made all the decisions, that always benifited them not anyone else. The hierarchy system in ancient Rome went like this. The most important was the Emporer, the second were the patricians and Senators, third were the Equestrians, fourth were the Plebians, fifth were the Soldiers and the Freedmans, and the least important were the slaves. The regular women could not vote or hold offices, or basically like any other civilization do anything. By saying that I mean that the men made all the decisions.

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The men of ancient Rome wore an either sleeveless or short-sleeved tunic normally covered by a cloak, but important men wore togas. The women in Rome wore longer tunics and were covered by stolas(which are basically long robes). The people of ancient Rome ate apples, figs, pears, plums, cherries, peaches, plums, beans, lentils, peas, olives, and grapes. That is just the fruit! The meats they ate were, poultry, pork, veal, mutton, goat, they ate birds, for example they ate crazy stuff like flamingos and peacocks. They loved fish, so some of the fish they ate were, fish and shellfish, but fish was very irregular. Their fruit was grown in rome while their meats and fish were imported from countries under their rule.

Some of the advances in technology that were made in ancient Rome were 1. The aqueduct which carried water through pipelines, which allowed them to take showers and use the bathroom in toilets. 2. Concrete 3. Roads and highways, without creating roads and highways the Roman Empire would not have been much.

The Roman religion was a very confusing religion, it started out with an assortmant of gods, the more regions they conquered the more religions they developed. They used charms, spells, and sacrifices for their gods.

Ancient Rome traded Roman wine, olive oil, and pottery. Ancient Rome used a currency called Aureus. Rome traded with Spain, France, Middle East, North Africa, and Brittain.

The similarities between clothes then and now is that they are still made of cloth, and women still wear dresses like then. Differences in clothing is that clothes are way more advanced now, we don’t have to wear cloaks, we can wear jackets, or long-sleeve sirts, men no longer wear dresses or togas. Women don’t just wear dresses, they wear shirts. The similarities in schooling is that most children get an education, they used calculators. Differences were that it was common for only boys to school, and they used a stylus and wax tablet to write.

The ancient romans lived days like any other human, but women had way less rights than men. Ancient rome under Caesar lasted from 46 BC to 44 BC, it did not last long, but he left a big impression, he wanted to turn Rome into an empire( which his son did). Politicians did not agree so they killed him. But before they did that Caesar made sure many new lands were conquered, and he made sure Rome was strong and would not be torn down. The ancient romans communicated by paper. 


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