Essays on Roman Empire

Economic Problems In Ancient Rome

Rome’s success involved many things. One of them being was that they had a better army than other countries, that had good training and their ability to invent new military tactics. Another reason is that the roman had good technology in how to build their civilization well. Lastly is the Roman were great with organizing...

Roman And Renaissance Architecture: Comparative Essay

Previous achievements have always influenced new innovations. As Frank Gehrig always said “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness “, let’s start with the classical architecture whose origin comes from Greek civilization, this architecture which expresses the life of the city. Indeed, the Romans conquered in the 2nd century before...

Achievements Of Charlemagne

Charlemagne was a virtuous and wise ruler who used his power as King of the Franks well during his reign. Charlemagne also known as Charles The Great was a medieval emperor who ruled most of Western Europe from 768AD to 814AD. Charlemagne did a lot to define medieval Europe and spent most of the early...
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Biography Of Charlemagne

After reading about Charlemagne and his reign there were a lot of positive examples of why he was a good ruler and some negative examples. There was a lot of information on his amazing battles that he won, land that he conquered and how much his people loved him, although there was a time when...
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Ancient Rome Under Julius Caesar

 The location of Rome under Julius Caesar stretched as far north to Brittain, as far south as Africa, as far west as Spain, and as far east as Asia Minor. The people of Ancient Rome came from a small town across the Tiber River. The average climate was as they say “temperate” because of the...
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Mark Antony: Analysis Based On Shakespeare’s Play Julius Caesar

In this essay I will analyze and examine how Mark Antony shows signs of being an intelligent politician in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. I will examine how he uses his rhetorical skill to deceive the conspirators into believing that he is on their side, how he uses the same skills to win the crowd over...
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Julius Caesar As One Of A Prominent Figures In Rome

Julius Caesar was not only one of the most well-known figures in Rome’s history but was arguably one of the greatest military leaders of all time. From his invasion of Gaul to his triumphant victory in Pompey, Caesar was destined to be the next ruler of Rome. His accomplishments would lead Rome to success and...
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