Essays on Biodiversity

Ecology Synthesis: Analysis Of Finding Nemo

A. 4-2 Niches and Community Interactions Tolerance- The ability to survive and reproduce under a range of conditions under a range of environmental circumstances. A species’ tolerance for environmental conditions helps determine its habitat. In Finding Nemo, Nemo and Marlin’s home is a sea anemone. Anemone’s are common homes for clownfish that protect them from...

Reasons To Protect Biodiversity

“Biodiversity Is The Way, So Don’t Let Nature Go Astray” -Anonymous The term “Biodiversity” represents life on earth. It is commonly called as Biological Diversity. Biodiversity refers to a variety of flora and fauna and other species in the world. It can be measured globally or area wise. The count of biodiversity is called Species...
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Consequences Of Urbanization And Urban Biodiversity

Introduction Population shift from rural to urban residency gradually increases the proportion of people living in urban areas. Almost half of the earth’s population now lives in urban areas and as the population in these areas increases, so does the construction of building and housing for settlement. The rapid conversion of land and scenery of...
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Extent To Which Biodiversity Underpins Ecosystem Services

Effects on services and processes as a whole Increased biodiversity has notable positive effects on many ecosystem services that are useful to humans, which include climate regulation, seed dispersal, pollination, and pest and disease control. It also affects ecosystem processes such as soil formation, biomass production by plants and nutrient and water cycling (Díaz et....
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The Measurement Of Biodiversity In Different Areas On Mississippi State’s Campus

Introduction Biodiversity is important for a multitude of reasons; the larger reasons including ecosystem health and animal survivorship rates. Biodiversity is known as the number and abundance of species living in a community or particular habitat. Different animals’ environment may change over time due to natural disasters, anthropogenic effects or climate change. This change in...
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The Paramount Importance Of Biodiversity Preservation And Sustainability

Societies are highly dependent on habitat and ecosystem wellness and biodiversity. Issues affecting these are typically viewed through the lens of natural science, however, when local, national, and global economies are impacted, biodiversity loss must be viewed and analyzed through the economic lens of social science. “There is a strong interaction between humans and nature:...
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