Canadian Entrepreneur: Elon Musk - The Founder And CEO Of SpaceX And Tesla

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Canadian Entrepreneur: Elon Musk

Elon musk founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. SpaceX is an aerospace manufacturing company and it uses solar power and artificial intelligence. He owned another company named as Tesla which works on electric power and batteries thus making this car cheaper and environment friendly. He got a lot of awards from different countries as the honour of respect, as he is contributing a lot towards the society.

Why did I choose this person?

I specifically choose this entrepreneur because he owns SpaceX, Tesla. And he is the role model of every upcoming entrepreneur. He made a unique step to promote the sustainable sources of energy such as electricity and solar energy. Also, he is an inspirational figure for all the youngsters to believe in their new and innovative ideas to reach at certain height as a successful person.

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Why do I feel he is successful?

He failed a lot of time during his lifetime, but he stuck on his goals. And always work hard to achieve those goals. He always inspired the youth to improve themselves rather than gaining status as well as money. Firstly, he started a company, but he was thrown out of his own company. In that case also he did not loose faith and started another one which is the most successful and famous named as Tesla.

List of entrepreneurial skills and attributes that he possesses?

Innovative- Innovation in its cutting-edge that means is a ‘new idea, innovative mind, new imaginations in shape of device or method’. An innovation is something original and more effective and, therefore, new, that ‘breaks into’ the marketplace or society.

  • Futuristic- Futuristic can appearance past the activities of today and into the opportunities of the following day. They can visualize compulsory new thoughts approximately clients, products, services, techniques and enterprise models.
  • Time management- Time management” is the technique of organizing and making plans the way to divide your time between particular tasks. Good time control enables you to work smarter. Failing to manipulate some time damages your effectiveness and reasons stress.
  • Curiosity- The capacity to study is one of the maximum critical talents to have in existence, not to mention in entrepreneurship. If someone is constructing an enterprise, however, the potential to analyze is needed for achievement.
  • Networking- Make friends and construct mutually beneficial relationships with the intention to give you the ability for massive new possibilities within your destiny. Be energetic along with your community’s business corporations and collaborate with other groups as much as possible.

How these skills and attributes has contributed to his personal success?

  • Innovative- He extend his way of thinking and open-mindedness.
  • Futuristic- By this skill he can become more focused and determined towards his goal.
  • Time management- It helps in more and efficient productivity of daily task and he can organize and plan his work so that he can get better results.
  • Curiosity-It helps to improve the learning and retaining information. This skill enables him to explore the space and sent rocket to it.
  • Networking-It helps to stay connected with his family and friends.

How these skills and attributes have contributed to his company’s success?

  • Innovative- He can see conditions from an expansion of views and give original ideas. Musk as an entrepreneur frequently come up with answers which can be the synthesis of different gadgets. He will repurpose merchandise to market them to new industries.
  • Futuristic- Entrepreneurs recognise that each event and situation is an enterprise possibility. Ideas are continuously being generated approximately workflows and efficiency, humans’ abilities and potential new groups. He had the ability to examine the whole thing round them and recognition it in the direction of their goals.
  • Time management- The hit entrepreneur will often be the first individual to reach on the office and the final one to go away. He must available on their days off to make certain that an outcome meets their expectancies. His mind is continuously on work, whether they may be in or out of the administrative center.
  • Curiosity- Musk as a successful entrepreneur realize they he does not understand the whole thing and the market is constantly converting. He usually stays up to date on new structures, era, and enterprise trends.
  • Networking- The entrepreneur has strong communication abilities to sell the product and inspire personnel. He must understand the way to inspire their personnel, so the commercial enterprise grows typical. He is likewise excellent at highlighting the blessings of any situation and education others to their success.


He is the most successful and innovative and game-changer entrepreneur known in the modern era. He founded SpaceX and Tesla which are well known in the entire world. By learning about the struggle of Musk one can take the inspiration to work hard and never fear from the failures in life. If the goal and objectives are clear, then one can achieve whatever one want in life.


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