Essays on Conspiracy Theory

RyTheories' Conspiracy Theory About The Holocaust In Toy Story 3

In the article Toy Story 3 Was The Holocaust, RyTheories states how a well-hidden conspiracy theory is revealed through a famous children’s movie representing the Holocaust. By proving this bold statement, he starts by calling attention to the main events that action figure toys took on their journey into a new world. This is similar...
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The Streetcar Conspiracy: Critical Analysis

The historical conspiracy theory that I am going to be examining, would be The Streetcar Conspiracy. According to Peter Norton, an American programmer, software publisher, author, and philanthropist; “There’s this widespread conspiracy theory that streetcars were bought up by a company National City Lines, which was effectively controlled by General Motors, so that they could...
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Beliefs In Contradictory Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theory is defined as a proposed drama plotted by power people or organizations or even by the government to work together secretly to accomplish a task (Michael, Karen & Robbie). A task is meant to accomplish in a certain way to achieve the hidden benefits. Usually, these tasks are difficult to execute so here...
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Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Deflategate

On the night of January 18, 2015, major headlines were developed. The National Football League (NFL) held the American Football Conference (AFC) championship game which featured the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts (Hassett 103). The winner of this game would advance to Super Bowl XLIX. As the game ensued, the Colts struggled on...
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