Essays on Political Science & Theory

Blurring Lines of Responsibility: How Institutional Context Affects Citizen Biases Regarding Policy Problems

Abstract In conditions of blurred lines of institutional responsibility, individuals make political choices by primarily relying on group-serving biases rather than holding leaders accountable. Whereas literature suggests that leadership cues and partisan biases shape who citizens hold responsible for economic conditions, we still don’t know how murkier lines of responsibility could affect people’s perception of...

Comparing Canadian And American Political Cultures

Political culture can be defined as perspectives, standpoints and inclination that individuals possess about the political system. Political culture also includes moral judgements, behaviors, beliefs, values and attributes may be appropriate for the society we live in, and a reflection of the government that dominates a country and how they should function and operate (Dyke...
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Neo-Gramscianism In The International Relations: Counterhegemony

Political theories are divided into general and, depending on the level of abstractness in the study of their subject. For the theories of private nature, sometimes which are called middle-level theories, include analysis of decision-making, foreign policy analysis, strategic research and research on the problems of peace. In this context, in the world of Globalization,...
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Gramsci's Concept Of Hegemony

“The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.” ― Antonio Gramsci Coming from a backward region of Italy, Sardinia, Gramsci understood the dynamics of both the third world countries and developed capitalist societies. He was shunned in his society due to his hunchback rendering...
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The Changes In Political Behaviour And Crisis Of Political Parties

Currently, political parties are no longer what they used to be, according to Schmitter, and that has been noted in that voters are no longer as loyal to parties, but instead change their votes depending on what specific interests they defend. Of course, on the spectrum of the political left-right, a voter is less likely...
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Concept Of Autonomy: Definition And Interpretation

To understand the meaning of the word ‘autonomy’ one may first refer to the Greek roots of the term, which suggest a combination of ‘autos’ and ‘nomos’, meaning respectively self and rule or law. Originally, the Greeks applied the term with respect to the relationship between states and their right to own laws and decision...
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Local Governments And The Autonomy In The Grassroots

Definition of Local Government: Local government unit is defined as the political and corporate agent and political subdivision of the National Government; vested with powers to represent the inhabitants of its territory. History of Local Government The centralized system of local government in the Philippines is a colonial imposition. Upon arriving in the rich island...
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Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Deflategate

On the night of January 18, 2015, major headlines were developed. The National Football League (NFL) held the American Football Conference (AFC) championship game which featured the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts (Hassett 103). The winner of this game would advance to Super Bowl XLIX. As the game ensued, the Colts struggled on...
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