Cyber Security: Importance Of Full Knowledge Of The Operational Risks Of Information Technology

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With access to the twentieth century and after the free-fall in the development the frightful world in various fields of scientific and practical, economic, social, technological, informational technology dominated the various developments since the world entered an era of the community information& security , at present information and Informatics has become the raw material of any human activity, most countries in the developed world are racing to develop strategies and plans for the development of information technology, all electronic devices in every home in the world become hardware facilitates communication and communication between People, from computer screens so that people don’t forgo this technology in all moments of life, so that they masterfully hidden inside information systems established After the electronic violations of the virus and information has been designed to protect against the protection of all intrusions of persons or has been the manufacture of special protection for these types of intrusions and the goal of severe prevention and response to all existing intrusions in this research we will talk about cyber security . Cyber security to protect software and unauthorized hardware This security has become one of the basic principles of the policies of national countries and is important in decision-making in most of the superpowers. It is one of the fundamentals of the national defense policy for national security by combating cybercrime, cybercrime and other electronic threats. They are the legal systems of the organizational structures for the process of technical and technological efforts in the private, public, local and international sectors to protect the national space and to ensure the provision of all information systems.

1. Introduction

The awareness of the importance of full knowledge of the operational risks of information technology, which is associated with the excessive use of new technology, which has a basic and global structure, and the emergence of new risks. The societal transformation achieved by the integration of new technology in all areas of life and in all types of organizational structures of organizations and countries, The security aspect in all technological moves Whatever the cultural wealth or digital,( James A. Lewis and Katrina Timlin, Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare2011) but the Cyber Security is touching the security of this great wealth of countries and organizations challenge the security of cyber doing it is tantamount to the political administration and postures strategies essential for buildings and digital services to get to the verification of the effectiveness and cohesion Access to significant levels of security to address and combat the dangers technological and informatics to provide best performance and security services march from governments and organizations such protection aims to protect assets and resources of organizations from the organizational, human and financial terms and information technology to connect to the tasks required Od The lack of injury or damage to these goals.( David Dean et al., ‘The Connected World 2012 )

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The construction process of the security of the serial in exchange for supporting the development of behavioral codes for the best use of information technology and the real and technical security policies of the standards is required to set the basic principles of moral ethics and transparent transparency of the legal networks and the compilation of measures and canteens for implementation locally and internationally applicable to the existing directives by the state and prevent and address any opportunity to allow the multiplication of crime And to respond to the break-up of space fills and space floods in which organizations and individuals are vulnerable.

2. Review of Related Literature

In this chapter, there will be several opinions that were obtained from many books and journals. The aim of the research is to view the effectiveness of cyber security from different people & countries so that it would help increase the understanding of its meaning and purpose of knowing cyber security.

The general public issues related to technology and information that security affects the security of digital and cultural villages for people and organizations and to address the need for strategic services coherent, effective and verifiable management of cyber security to hold the balance of valuable information from intangible goods and plug digital gaps have economic and social problems and need To things to follow the approach and the technological dimension of the security of the biosecurity and protect the assets and resources of organizations to reduce the potential risks and bad and ensure the return of operations to the first auction. ( David Dean et al., 2012 ) the tendency of many countries to develop a comprehensive national strategy to ensure the security of information in cyberspace. Information security is important within the concept of national and general national security of institutions and individuals. Many countries have begun to realize that rapid changes in technology lead to threats that are not easy to secure. the homeland and the citizen, and must therefore need to ensure information security through important steps for cyber security to protect national security in its destruction, security is cyber-based on a wide range of legal and technical means to resist the illegal use of the network web and In order to protect the information and communications systems for the protection of the homeland and citizens and institutions from the dangers of cyberspace.

Building protection walls to prevent the effect of cyber attacks and reduce the impact of censorship and breaches of accounts and governmental and private information systems is of paramount importance. It is not possible to protect the homeland and national security in its comprehensive sense, the national economy, banking institutions, and state information without it, without increasing confidence in national information systems, Cyberspace is an intangible world, but because the means of communication and storage of information are used by the Internet and the Internet in the world and in space, the information is stored and therefore it is necessary to protect it And through the establishment of national bodies for cyber security, through which it can respond to and assist institutions, individuals, the private sector and the public to confront incidents of penetration, espionage, and piracy,( Allen, Julia H. (2001). reduce their impact and increase awareness and understanding of the threats posed by the tremendous developments in the means of communication and communication in cyberspace, E-governments are moving forward and good development in many countries, and this calls for greater attention in the protection processes as these electronic governments provide electronic services to citizens and this requires good performance included To protect the security of individuals, institutions and the State, and needs to be based on criteria for the development of policies and standards of security and information protection. And the fact that the achievement of this task needs to get the best technological means, in order to resist penetration and sabotage, and the need to know the best ways to protect national security in its entirety, and protect the information infrastructure of all institutions, in addition to training, education and awareness, this means high costs can not be individual institutions, Hence the need to establish national cyber security bodies, through which we can also go to a national industry that promotes the concept of protection and provides the increasing costs to protect the security of the homeland and citizen, in addition to legislating laws that protect institutions and individuals from cybercrime.

It is remarkable that all countries have come to deal with future wars that depend on sabotage and destruction through cyberspace. This has become part of the tactics and strategies of the developed countries to confront or carry out these wars. The resistance of these wars is an integral part of the defense strategies of many countries, And an article by Dr. Nay, Jr. professor at Harvard University says: There are four main categories of cyber security threats to national security, each of which occupies a different period of time and requires (in principle) different solutions: cyberspace and economic espionage, which are largely related to States, cyberspace and cyberspace, But the other two groups may become the greatest threat over the next decade compared to today. ‘Moreover, as coalitions and tactics evolve, the groups may increasingly overlap)

4. Dissection

That is the effectiveness of cyber security is very important for the safety of software and hardware of the countries in this area to send their representatives to attend specialized security conferences and the integrity of information in cyberspace, which aims to increase awareness of policies, methodologies and techniques used to combat online piracy and penetration of cyber security, and make use of the ideas and projects and recommendations of the enactment of laws to combat the penetration of crimes and electronic accounting on them, and work effort through national bodies to work that fits the recommendations and information that benefits the audience, and the duty of bodies of these conferences and workshops to provide attendees with all submitted and working papers The recommendations to raise the relevant government or actors involved, in order to be utilized to establish national bodies and resistance to penetration and piracy operations.

The technical architecture of the Internet has imposed a technical character not only on the formation of cyberspace but also on the process of organizing it, which is organically linked to the organization of the Internet. Technical engineering is the sum of technological elements, which are programs, materials, protocols and standards that regulate communication and the rights to use cyberspace. Firewalls, proxies, and servers are part of these components, which are used by many countries, systems, and institutions to determine the policy of permitted and prohibited content.

5. Conclusion

Regulation through technology is not through rules of prohibition and legal punishment, but by imposing technical rules that cannot be ignored. The actions of individuals are subject to the will of those who decide them and make regulation by symbol, the rule of action. This is true, in light of the reality that shows the difficulty of departing from the standards and standards used on the Internet, and even the reality of the impossibility of violating. Here, we must point to the fact that legal security, through technical security, passes through standards that determine the potential of Internet access. These standards are developed by organizations of an international character, which are contributed by States and form specialized groups and bodies. Undoubtedly that cannot avoid dangers in Siberian space, and develop effective defense strategies, without spreading electronic security awareness. This calls for special campaigns, rehabilitation and capacity-building in the field of information security and legal security. States must also expand their security cooperation by amending cooperation agreements between them, including threats in and against cyber-space. Last but not least, in parallel with the radical change introduced, defense and prevention strategies should be rethought and structured so that the development of e-defense strategies and risk prevention becomes central to the government’s concerns and functions. It is also supposed to review the mechanisms and sources of legislation to give a greater role to international organizations specialized in the development of security standards and standards.


  1. Develop a national strategy for cyber security and information protection infrastructure
  2. Establish cooperation between the national government and industry
  3. Deterring cybercrime
  4. Developing capacities for national accident management
  5. Encourage national culture on cyber security

Awareness-raising on cyber security issues is the first step in the preparation of a national strategy for cyber security, in addition to taking appropriate national steps and resorting to international cooperation. Then comes the need to develop a national plan to stimulate Siberian security in order to reduce the risks and effects of cyber and physical infringements

It is necessary to participate in all steps and solutions taken regionally and internationally to prevent and remedy the damage caused by the Siberian incidents.


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