Effect Of Time Management In Working Environment Or In School Environment

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Time is important in everyone’s life. For everyone, it plays a big role, from the beginning of a day up to the end of it. Before waking up, we often look for what time is it now, we ask ourselves, “Am I late, or do I have a spare time to rest a little more?”. Time is something we cannot stop, we cannot do about it, you just stare at it and see that whatever you do, it will continue for the rest of our lives. You catch yourself, daydreaming, asking if the time has passed can be returned, the chances you have that time can be returned. Every time has its own every opportunity that can decide your life. Time is something that takes up a part of our life, you wake up, you sleep, you do something, you enjoy yourself watching, everything has its own time and eventually will come to an end.

Managing time can be proven hard, sometimes and always. Sometimes it is hard to manage because of the decision you want to make. There are some cases that sacrifices must be made, and the sacrifices could be your social gathering, entertainment or just plain old “me time”. Managing time is always hard because of what it brings to you. There will always be that priority that you want to finish first or to be done first, usually this is something that rewards you with money or something you really want.

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As a future worker, managing time is proven hard. There will always be distraction that can distract you in your priority. It could be while you are working in your project, then a friend of yours asks you to do something else. Managing the time allotted for your work, managing your time to give to your friends, loved ones or co-workers. A worker will have a certain time to finish the task given, these are the working time, usually paid that is why it is considered as a priority by the worker. And in some cases, the reward is not solely about the payment, yes it can be, but sometimes it is the passion of the worker that is why it is a priority to finish the job as it gives them the pressure and something to live for. Managing time of either doing your work or having something else is not usually a choice but sometimes a distraction. Yes, you are working on the work given, but you can be distracted therefore decreasing your efficiency and your focus is being taken away.

As a student, having the schedule laid out by the school, having to time manage every subject is hard. Time managing and separating all the easy subjects and the hard subjects can be hard. If you were to have an elective along with a minor subject such as Rizal subject or etc., it can be easy to say that just focus on the elective subject as the minor subject can be a little thing compared to a Telephony subject. But if you were to have two electives on the same day, right after each other, this will be difficult as the semester goes by. Especially, when having a quiz on the two subjects, on the same day, right after each other, there will be a choice to made whether what subject you are going to focus on. Having a limited time, too many topics to review, too many computations, too many formulas to memorize, time management will come in handy to a student. Sometimes, a quiz is said as early as one week before the quiz itself to take place, if you really want to make the most out of your time, then you should have reviewed the topics, solve some problem solving and memorize all the formulas needed. With this, if you were to have another quiz at the same day, at least you have already done your part on the other elective. Then now, you can focus on the other elective’s quiz, the one that you are yet to review on, solve some computations, and memorize some formulas.

Predicting some of the work can be handy too, especially if you think that an incoming quiz can be held next week. With this, reviewing the topics, solving some computations, and memorizing all the formulas even without the announcement that a quiz will be held will be beneficial. This can be said with the Integration course, four main topics with too many subjects, reviewing them in just one week or the break given before the final examination will not be enough. Having a quiz for the four topics, reviewing them and understanding them so that even when the final examination is still far away, you will not forget the topics you have reviewed and will also help you in managing your time for the rest of the integration topics and also your other subjects. Having another subject along with your integration is difficult as it will take some of your time focusing on the integration course itself. So, not just time managing is important, but helping yourself and preparing yourself is important too as it can be handy on the latter part in managing your time.

If you were given a task, to be done at a certain time but far away from the present, you can relax a bit and to it slowly, but this can bite you at the end with your time management. For example, you were given a task by your manager, you have given a 3-week time span to finish the task. You have assessed that you can finish the task way before the 3-week time span, but yet you chose to maximize the time and thinking that with the task given, no task will be given to anymore. But after 2 weeks, your manager gave you another task to be done within 5 days or less, and you are still not done with the first task given to you. You have slowly working on the first task because you taught that you still have 3-week time span, but now you have two tasks and the second one has an earlier due date. Managing your time and focus on the two tasks will not be hard as it is taking too much of your effort now, instead of trying to finish the first task way before the 3-week time span, you loitered and not taken it seriously.

As a student, studying, playing, watching, talking to your friends, can take too much of your time. If I were to think of a quiz on a subject, and have given one-week time span to review, I am pretty sure that I would be playing and watching on the first three to four days of the week given. Yes, I could be reviewing some of the topics because some of my friends are reviewing and asking some points on the topic, but most of my time will be on me playing game or watching and entertaining myself. If I were to time manage my one-week, I will review most of the day to lessen the burden of having too much topics to review, and playing games or watching movies at late night or at my breaktime. With this, I will be having a bunch of time allotted to my review, solving of computation and memorization of the formulas and concepts rather than most of my time is allotted to playing games and watching movies.

Time management is beneficial and important to everyone. Making a schedule for your incoming day, week and month can be something a productive person has. If you want to be productive, having laid out plans and schedule is a must especially in working environment or in school environment. Time managing is a trait that you need if you want to be successful in your chosen career or job. This is a common trait by all the millionaires and powerful people in the world. Even athletes have their own time management, either studying and training, it could be a choice of what you want, but management is a must.


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