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The Importance Of Research In Education

Introduction Is Hispanic limited knowledge of learning disabilities the main impact on the placement of students in Special Education? According to IDEA Section 601 findings from almost 30 years of research indicate that, the education of children with disabilities can be made more effective by strengthening the role and responsibility of parents and ensuring that...
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Importance Of Research In Education

Abstract Research is a vital area in not just the field of education but in other fields as well. It purifies the workings and the lives of the individuals. It primarily focuses upon improving quality and is a search for facts. It shows how to make provision of solutions to problems in a scientific and...
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Education Inequality In South Africa

Will COVID-19 have a long-term negative impact on education inequality? With conclusive evidence and thorough and sufficient research, I can conclude that the answer is no. Despite having already and continuing to have a negative impact on South Africa’s education inequality now; the COVID-19 pandemic will not have a lasting effect on the education system...
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Research Summary On Big Data In Education

Significance of Big Data: In recent years, the rapid development of Internet, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing have led to the explosive growth of data in almost every industry and business area. Big data has rapidly developed into a hot topic that attracts extensive attention from academia, industry, and governments around the world. In...
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Data-mining Research In Education

ABSTRACT As an interdisciplinary discipline, data mining (DM) is popular in the education area, especially when examining students’ learning performances. It focuses on analyzing educational-related data to develop models for improving learners’ learning experiences and enhancing institutional effectiveness. Therefore, DM does help education institutions provide high-quality education for their learners. Applying data mining in education...
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Research In Epidemiology And Biostatistics

Epidemiology and Biostatistics Introduction Research is important for the advancement of many things especially health and science. The experiments that researchers conduct must be reviewed and the group that does the review is known as the Institutional Review Board or IRB. The IRB committee is not involved directly with the research but they assess the...
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Research Methodology

Shone (2015) found the definition of research methodology to be a systematic and unbiased way of solving a problem through generating verifiable data. However, this is through a positivist perspective. A constructivism perspective would define research methodology by involving epistemology stating that it studies the nature of knowledge, what it is that we know and...
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Research Method On Media Education

Introduction This course consists of phenomenon-driven and multidisciplinary research on media education, such as education, media studies, social sciences, humanities, and information science. I need to read and analyze different journal and articles that are within the field of Media Education. I can learn how to generate the Master Thesis idea based on my research...
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Research Paper: Why Leaves Cease Photosynthesis in the Autumn

Introduction Leaf senescence is considered the final stage of leaf development (Gan & Amasino, 1997). For deciduous trees, leaf senescence is more straightforward to observe as the leaf color changes to yellow before it falls in autumn. One vital sign of green leaves is that they use chlorophyll, a chemical component that helps plants to...
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