How Can 11-year Secondary Education Impact On Young Generation’s Future Educational And Personal Prospects

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How Can 11-Year Secondary Education Impact On Young Generation’s Future Educational And Personal Prospects?

Every parent wants the child to be well-educated and enter to university. However, main influence is taken by education system in the country and parents are capable to control children’s neither education nor personal prospects. Hence, a question appears how 11-year secondary education may impact on young generation’s future. Uzbekistan’s education system may mostly affect on world-outlook, independence, and comprehension of studying.

At first, the education system influences on pupils’ world-outlook. Without possessing any insights about what they are doing, majority of students opt for continue studying at university or starting their career path. For example, teachers make pupils to do homework, learn unnecessary facts, which will not help them in real life. Thus, school students cannot find their hidden talents or cannot keep up to date which affects on outlook. Consequently it results on their future overall.

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Secondly, independence or more correctly lack of independence of teenagers is also mostly impacted by curriculum. Graduate pupils are not able to study at universities or live far from home because they followed rules of teachers that look at them still like at 10-year students, all the time. For instance, teachers are got used to punishing them for low scores, attendance in some subjects, which students are not interested in, and calling parents for bad behavior. These all are not supporting graduate students to be more responsible or independent, but vice versa worsen the situation. Furthermore, they start being dependent on others and will not be able to handle the problem in the future.

Last but not least, secondary education system also partially manipulates the teenagers’ overall perception about studying. School’s scheme of grading is created in way where if child follows the rules, does the homework, and most significantly takes high scores for lessons, he is exemplary student. As an example, pupils try to take the highest mark and learn by heart every fact in the book which definitely will be forgotten after quiz or exam. Here is confusion between exemplary and brave student.

In conclusion, it can be clearly seen that our secondary education system has plethora of bad effects on young generation’s future educational and personal prospects. But it does not have bad effects on everyone, it does depend on pupil, because there are pretty many things which also might affect in both education and personal prospects of teenagers. I hope in very near future government will work on minor mistakes and improve the education system. 


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