Essays on Influenza

The Link Between Influenza And Pregnancy

There is a lot of fear surrounding our nation at the moment. There is a desperate race for a vaccine to end the terror from this new novel virus. This pandemic has caused distress and devastation on a global stage, but this is not the world’s first pandemic. The 1918 influenza pandemic caused the death...
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Universal Investigation Of Influenza

Introduction Influenza, commonly known as the flu, which is a worldwide spreading disease caused by the influenza virus. And the symptoms can start quite suddenly in one to two days after infection. (Jefferson et al., 2011) Usually the initial symptoms are chills and body pain, but it is also common in the early stages of...
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Influenza: Flu Season, Symptoms And Treatment

September to the end of February is commonly known as flu season. The symptoms begins within 1 to 4 days of being infected. Multiple people each year are infected by this popular virus, “The World Health Organization estimates that worldwide, annual influenza epidemics result in about 3-5 million cases of severe illness, and about 250,000...
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