Integrity As A Core Value In Teamwork

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Kathy Ireland once said “Keep integrity and your work ethic intact. So what if that means working a little harder; an honorable character is your best calling card, and that’s something anyone can have!” Both the meaning of teamwork, and integrity are exemplified in this quote for me. Integrity is the foundation on which those who work together can build relationships, trust, and loyalty.

Integrity, for me, means that you are true to yourself. It is the quality of being honest and fair to yourself, the people around you, and everything you have done. It is genuinely being the absolute best version of yourself. Having integrity allows you to build trust and relationships with those around you. Individuals who show integrity attract others to them since they are reliable and trustworthy. They are principled and you can rely on them to carry on in honorable ways in any event, even when nobody is watching.

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Integrity is how somebody lives their life. In this life we live, we face choices every day that only we can answer. We dictate how we run our own lives, and the way we run them defines us. Our conduct speaks for us, more expressively than words ever could. It becomes the basis for both reputation and self-respect. Integrity is doing the right thing versus the wrong thing. It is something that means a lot to some people and then nothing to others. The ones who value their integrity highly are the good people in this world, and the opposite is true for those who do not value their integrity.

Being a part of the WEMSA 2020 program has strengthened my integrity. I believe in myself more now than I ever have before. It’s teaching me how to be more honest and having moral principles. Many attributes will lead me to success but regardless of them, all integrity is the one trait that will guarantee the success of all the other characteristics. Every day we are faced with decisions that challenge our integrity on the daily basis. Integrity should be considered as a safety net that keeps you on the right path. In this career, I will be viewed as a leader, and my integrity is something I will have to learn to maintain. Integrity is something that should always be promoted, to continually work on building one’s character and personal reputation. Honesty, integrity, caring, and compassion is key values that will assure the ability to deliver better care.

A team is a group of people who work together as one to achieve a common goal. Being a part of a team, you have to be able to listen and respect others’ opinions and continue to work together towards that goal. Being a part of a group with people who are striving for the same thing as you can keep you motivated and focused. When in a team you no longer just think of yourself, you also think about your team members and how what you do and say can not only affect you but affect them as well. “There’s no “I” in team”. This phrase is a perfect way to remind team members that they have to work together and be mindful of one another. The team as a whole is important, not just an individual member.

Teamwork is the key to success. It has many benefits such as improved work quality, and healthy relations among employees. Teamwork will also make you better in specific situations such as problem-solving, it gives you better creativity, you’ll have a better support system, and better morale. Working in teams makes it seems like you receive more praise, which makes you feel like you are acknowledged and contributed to something special. When building a great team one should be focused on relationships, building, celebrating success, and practicing team skills. One should also feel comfortable to open communication, be respectful, be committed, and adaptable. You have to be willing to grow not only as a team but also grow as an individual.

Being a part of a team is a privilege, especially if it’s a good one. A team lifts and elevates the performance of an individual. Improvement within each individual will result in an improvement of the team’s performance. Everyone’s strengths and way of thinking can get you farther than you think. I find this to be true in this program. I’ve realized in WLA that it is much better to work as a team and motivate one another instead of staying to yourself. Success is best in a team environment because when things get tough, you’ll have your teammates to lean on for support and motivation.

Although being a part of a team means you have to work with people you don’t know in the beginning, it opens your eyes to new people and experiences that will benefit you in the future, and of course, it will bring your team closer making them feel more like family instead of people you are forced to work with. During our pre-requisite program, I realized there wasn’t much communication or teamwork with my classmates, we would come to class do what we had to do, and then when class was over we will all go our separate ways. Now in WLA, everything has changed. We motivate one another, we keep in contact with one another, we trust one another, and care for one another. We are all one, which makes us the perfect team. “We are currently 36, highly motivated, truly dedicated FDNY WEMSA”, and it will remain that way until June 2020 when we all walk across that stage and graduate.

In conclusion, integrity is an essential core value for teamwork. For us to evolve and grow, we must be open to the truth even if it is brutally honest, it is an important step to building integrity with one another. High-performing workgroups are basic to the long haul accomplishment of any association. All together for a group to flourish and expand, they must trust each other, be happy to participate and engage, commit to decisions and plans of action.  


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