The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teamwork

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Good morning everyone. Today I would like to talk about teamwork. Does anybody know that what is the meaning of team? Actually the meaning of team is a group of people that working together or share out the work and cooperate with one another to reach a specific goal. How about teamwork? Let me ask you all about the second question. Does anybody know that? Teamwork is a group of people have a co-operation to finish the specific task together that given. I believe that everyone has an experience in teamwork, right? I have participated in choral speaking in primary school. My friends and I spent at least 2 hours after the school every day to practise the choral speaking. Although we did not have get any achievement, but we already did our best in the competition. Now, let me explain to you about the advantages and disadvantages of teamwork.

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I am going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of teamwork.

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I. Motivates.

  • A. Foster friendship, become more unite and cooperate well with each other.
    • 1. Teamwork that formed in a group can motivates and foster the friendship between the teammate. For example, while we were in semester 1, we did know each other, right? But we also formed in a different group to complete the assignment that given and from that we can foster our friendship although we don’t know each other at that time. This can let the whole team become more unite and cooperate well with each other to complete the task or work.
  • B. Have atmosphere, efficiency will improve, know self -talent and weakness, learn from each other and remain friendship.
    • 1. In addition, we can have atmosphere that very joyful and harmony after have a group. For instance, we can have some conversation while relaxing likes asking others what they interest with to learn more about teammate. This will cause the efficiency of the team will improve little by little. Besides, we can know our self-talent and weakness throughout the discussion and conversation so that we can know more about our teammate to avoid get the wrong impression in others. This will remain the friendship with others very well.

II. Learn

  • A. Have opportunity to learn, learn from teammate likes mistake, avoid same mistake in future.
  • 1. Furthermore, we have opportunity to learn likes mistake or oversight from others or learn something new from the teammate that have more experience compare to others. This can avoid we do the same things in future. To quote an example, we can do our best in our assignment or presentation from the mistakes.
  • B. Learn something new from the teammate that have more experience compare to others.
  • 1. Next, we can learn something new from teamwork and teammate. For example, we can learn that why unite is very important for teamwork. We can develop this answer as well day by day after we have a team.
  • C. Learn different perspectives and concepts.
  • 1. Moreover, we can learn different perspectives and concepts from other teammate to enhance our knowledge. For example, the feedback and opinion of some teammate cannot be used in some project that in processing, we can note it down and use it in others projects that can be used.


And now, I am going to talk about the disadvantages of teamwork. The first one is

III. Workload.

  • A. Have time management, also take care of healthy
    • 1. If we over workload, not only the jobs that we need to finish will influenced, our healthy also will affected.
    • 2. To avoid workload, we must know how to manage our time perfectly. So that, we can finish our jobs in time and we have others time to relax or release stress.
    • 3. Other than that, the ways to avoid over workload is we can arrange own jobs by planning a timetable. By finishing our work according to the timetable that we had plan, we surely have free time to release our stress or emotion such as listen to the music, watch some movies that interest with, do some exercise.
  • B. Do not let / forcing other teammate to finish the part we should finish it.
    • 1. Actually, the workload of a teamwork need to cooperate with other teammate. But some people just have a relax after he or she have a team. They don’t care of all about what they need to do in the project or assignment. They just force other teammate to finish his or her jobs.
    • 2. We should complete our part because we have the responsibility to complete our own work.
  • C. Have a communication while assign jobs, share out the work, cooperate with other teammate.
    • 1. We must have a communication while share out the work and cooperate with other teammate. This will increase our efficiency and productivity of project or assignment. So that, we can finish our jobs as soon as possible and we have other free time to relax or do other things that we need to complete it,

IV. Conflict.

  • A. Happen easily while in a poor communication, mistrust, different perspectives, normal if happened
    • 1. In addition, when we formed in a group, conflict will happen very easily while in a condition of poor communication, mistrust, different perspectives or other reasons. It is very normal when the conflict happened because we not only cannot expect everyone to agree on everything but when people gather together also will occur conflict because everyone has their own perspectives and opinions.
  • B. Verify conflict, ask others perspectives and opinion, solve problem perfectly.
    • 1. Or other than that, all we need to do is verify the conflict, ask others opinion about the conflict and find the ways to solve the problem perfectly.
  • C. Try to turn the conflict to discuss, cannot expect everyone to agree on everything, solve problems together.
    • 1. We can try to turn the conflict into discussion, verify the conflict and ask others teammate about their opinions. With the plenty of opinions, the problem must be solved perfectly. So, we can continue to have the atmosphere like that to speed up the innovation of the group.


Last but not least, when a team work together and succeed together, they will form the relationships that include full of trust or maybe even friendship under the right circumstances. In fact, a team that without teamwork, nothing can be achieved as a group, will never be successful in the end.


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