Essays on Marriage

Dissolution of Muslim Marriage: Analytical Essay

Islamically, the termination of a marriage is regarded as the most loathed of permissible acts. It is the last resort when all attempts of saving the marriage have failed, remaining married is leading to discord and enmity, and there is no hope for reconciliation even after appointing arbiters. Both parties are instructed to uphold the...
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Role of Marriage in ‘The Woman in White’: Analytical Essay

Collins attributes the destruction of intelligent, independent women, who have the potential to possess prodigious power, to the tool of oppression known as marriage hich when coupled with a catalyst of ‘anxious male imperatives’ (D.A Miller) becomes a lethal weapon utilised to hinder the freedom and individuality of women in society. Although Walter as a...
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Critical Analysis of Marriage and Divorce in India

Abstract Marriages in India, as opposed to western countries, have always been a religious and sacred event that was looked upon to creating an inseparable bond between a man and woman. However, in the recent years, divorce rates in India are increasing; thus giving way for expectations from both parties to claim what was or...

Analysis of Marriages between First-Degree Relatives and the Consequences on Future Generations

This paper will discuss about marriages between firs-degree relatives and the consequences of these cultural practices on future generations of children. Marriages between firs cousins is a common cultural practice among Muslim community and not only. Researchers followed 13776 pregnancies in Bradford and found that 6.1% of children born to first cousins had congenital anomalies...
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