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City development means to bring up the city and improve the area of which people live. In this case, that would be Moscow. Moscow is the capital of Russia. The current problem with the city is there are too many people and the city of Moscow is becoming overcrowded and overpopulated. Overcrowding can cause an increase in traffic jams, less open jobs for people, serious health problems, easier access to disease and more pollution is being pumped into the air due to transportation. If this continues, they will not have enough housing for people and not have enough jobs for everyone.

Some of the causes of overcrowding can be a decline in birth rate, better medical facilities like hospitals, more healthcare, and emigration. While these may sound like good things, it can quickly turn a thriving environment like Moscow, into an overpopulated area.

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One solution I have to limit the birth rate. We can do this by paying for people sterilization such as vasectomies and tubal ligations. We can also make birth control and condoms cheaper by half so people are encouraged to use them. These are the best solutions because these would make people happier than simply limiting the birthrate, or forcing people to immigrate to another country. That would lower the overall happiness of Moscow even more than usual.

If the overcrowding isn’t put under control, there will be a higher demand for jobs, food, water, housing and construction in Moscow. Which may be hard to provide. Also, according to an article called “Earth Eclipse” overcrowding, along with the spread of pollution, can spread diseases, depletion of natural resources, loss of natural biodiversity and raise crime rate due to less income being moved around. In only a few years, all these could be very easily averted if Moscow does one of the solutions that were listed above in the first two paragraphs.

People may not like or approve the idea of limiting the birth rate, but then it’s with the lowering death rates the city of Moscow is running low on options. It would not be too much to ask. If families looked into adoption, or only have one or two children per family, Moscow would see a significant decrease in the population. This would decrease the amount of pollution being put into the air, open more jobs for the people and spread less sickness. Which makes a happy Moscow

In conclusion, to control the increasing birth rate and maintain the current overcrowding situation, we must take action quickly by giving people easier access to birth control, pay for their sterilizations and make leaving the country an easier thing to do. Doing this will lessen the population and make the overall life in Moscow much easier.


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