Essays on Nursing Scholarship

Taking Care Of People’s Health

Nursing is a profession that has to do with taking care of people’s health and saving lives. It is different from other courses and it is very demanding. Nursing students deal with many challenges while studying and some of the challenges are: time management, child care, family support, communication, financial support, clinical work, self-confidence, study...
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Advancement Of Health Care Field

Scholarship in the nursing profession is essential to developing not only the individual nurse but also the advancement of the health care field. “Scholarship is the communication of knowledge generated through multiple forms of inquiry that inform clinical practice, nursing education, policy, and healthcare delivery. The scholarship is inclusive of discovery, integration, application, and teaching...
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Right Place For Yourself Or The Scholarship

I visited about 20 schools over the past months and yet Dominguez hills are the only place that most spoke my mind out of all of the rest. Early in my senior year, I learned that I would like to major in psychology to work as a clinical therapist. After visiting Dominguez hills I just...
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Six Main Priorities In Nursing Research

The NINR (National Institute or Nursing Research) identifies six priorities in nursing research. They include Symptom Science, Wellness, Self-Management, End-of-Life, and Palliative Care, Promoting Innovation, and 21st Century Nurse Scientists (NINR, 2016). Personally, I agree with the priorities listed, one major priority for me is End-of-Life care. In a hospital setting, we experience many patients...
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